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Moraine lake Dzhangart-Tynbashi Western.

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“Just give me the stick.
I will leave you the judge's rod,
and scepter,
and staff,
and an umbrella.
Just give me a stick, a simple tramp's stick,
and the road going beyond the horizon"

Leon Felipe. Translation by V. Stolbov.

Moraine lakes in Kyrgyzstan.

Moraine lake Dzhangart-Tynbashi West is located at an altitude of 3841 meters above sea level, located in northern part of Dzhangart-Tynbashi West glacier, in upper reaches of the southwestern part of Dzhangart River gorge in Jety-Oguz district of Issyk-Kul region. 
The Dzhangart-Tynbashi Western glacier in the northern part ends in a vast, moraine lake 1.06 kilometers long; the greatest width of the lake in the central part is 440 meters. The area of the lake reaches 0.38 square kilometers, the length of the coastline is 2.73 kilometers.
The tongue of the glacier ends in a semicircle into the lake. The lake is located on the moraine part of the glacier, stretching from southwest to northeast. The lake filled the bowl at the subsided end of the Dzhangart-Tynbashi Western glacier. The area of the glacier is 5.51 square kilometers, the perimeter of the glacier is 16.26 kilometers.
The length of the glacier is 5.51 kilometers. The glacier is located on the northern slope of the Kokshaal-Too ridge; its sources are located in the main ridge at an altitude of 4977 meters above sea level. One of the westernmost tributaries of the Dzhangart River flows from the lake.
To the west of the Dzhangart-Tynbashi Western glacier there is the Dzhangart Pass, 4181.7 meters above sea level, through which in Soviet times geologists built a survey and technological road. In the northern part, the glacier is strongly torn by transverse cracks.
460 meters to the east of the lake there is an exploration, horizontal adit designed to serve the mining operations of the opening workings during the development of deposits in areas with complex, mountainous terrain. 
Geographic coordinates of Lake Dzhangart-Tynbashi West: N41°41'18 E78°49'58

Authority and photos by:
Alexander Petrov.