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Monument Ismail Samani.

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Ismail Samani the monument in Khudjand is constructed in 2011. The height of the monument made of bronze, makes 13 meters, and together with a pedestal the height of a monument makes 27 meters.
The crown and scepter are gilt. The history of board of emir is reflected in a huge bronze bas-relief at bottom of a monument. From two parties of a pedestal two bronze lions lay. Monument Ismail Samani amazes with the grandeur and beauty on a background of a mountain landscape.
Monument Ismail Samani is established on that place where before, since 1974, there was a monument to the leader of world proletariat to Lenin, 22 meters had height together with a pedestal, and was considered as the largest monument in the country.
The dismantled monument to Lenin has been transferred and established on a new place - in city park of the Victory.

Monument Ismail Samani.

The Tourist guidebook on monuments of Khudjand. 2012.

Alexander Petrov