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Monument Altyn zhurek.

Walking in the cultural monuments in Nur-Sultan.

“Only in the mind is happiness, trouble without it,
Only reason is wealth, need without it.”

Firdousi Abulkasim.

Rest in Nur-Sultan.

The monument "Altyn Zhurek" is installed in the capital's Park of lovers in the Esilsky district of the city of Nur-Sultan. A golden heart with a drop of blood is a gift from the Bauyrzhan Republican Charity Fund. The sculpture is a several times enlarged copy of the figurine.
It is awarded to the winners of the annual national public charity award for the contribution of commercial organizations and individuals to the implementation of charitable programs and projects in Kazakhstan. The only difference is that the original “Altyn Zhurek” is made of gold, silver and ruby, and the donated sculpture is made of bronze, stainless steel and red glass.
The grand opening of the sculpture in the Park of lovers took place in 2008. The work was done by Chinese craftsmen. The height of the monument is 10 meters and is a bronze heart mounted on a stainless steel pedestal.
According to the authors, the monument symbolizes the heart of a man in love.
- The idea of ​​the monument arose in February, in March a sketch was ready, however, there was not a single sculptor in Kazakhstan who could create a statue in a short time by the Day of the capital. It was decided to cast Altyn Zhurek in neighboring China, says Zhuldyz Aitbaeva, director of the Bauyrzhan charity foundation.
- True, while the sculpture arrived from Beijing to Astana, it suffered a little, and now restoration is inevitable. The construction of the sculpture cost the charity foundation ten million tenge.