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Mausoleum Yrgizbay Doskanauly.

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"the grave to me is predetermined here, do not bring my ashes to Kindikty, bury me on the hill"

Irgizbay Doskanauly.

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The Yrkyzbai Doskanauly mausoleum is located in the southeastern part of the Obaly mountains, 43.3 kilometers southeast of the village of Kindikty, 32.2 kilometers northwest of the village of Kyzylkesek and 62.8 kilometers to the west and slightly south of the western coast Lake Zaysan in the Tarbagatai district of the East Kazakhstan region.
The spiritual mentor of East region, the wise and glorified Yrgizbay Doskanauly healer was born in 1787, died in 1850. In 5 km to the North from the road of the leader from the village of Aksuat to the village of Kindikty, near Kumistau spring.
According to national legends of Irgizbay Doskanaula felt approach of mortal day and punished to descendants: "the grave to me is predetermined here, do not bring my ashes to Kindikty, bury me on the hill" and showed on a height within which the memorial complex at the moment settles down. Also the Saint bequeathed: "Bury me in a stone sarcophagus.
Over a grave of funeral structures do not erect, this duty is assigned to future descendants". At the beginning of the XXth century the respectable aged man of Shynybay Zhanibekula dreamed the Saint Irgizbay of at a who with the words "my grave lies not fenced" allowed it a sign to build the mausoleum.
Obedience to Saint Shynybay Zhanibekuly will builds it of a stone. Further, 1975 the dear aged man Tagabayev of Kongangbai with own hand established a tombstone on Irgizbaya Doskanauly grave. All works on care of a memorial complex, on reception of pilgrims, etc. since 2001 are headed by Tagabayev Bolat Kunanbayuly.
The first restoration works on Irgizbaya Doskanauly mausoleums and construction of the house for pilgrims are initiated on October 7, 1990, begun on October 14 and are complete on October 22. At that time the mausoleum from outer side was revetted with a silicate brick.
Because the silicate brick underwent strong destruction owing to influences of natural climatic factors there was a need of carrying out restoration works. Thanks to support of a dear family Aloetic and the worthy son of the people, Badelkhan Kamalkhanuly the mausoleum was again restored in 2014.
Being the author of the idea of restoration, Badelkhan Kamalkhanula took the most active part in her implementation. All material costs for restoration the family Aloetic, to head undertook elite stud "Agzam". The main materials of a memorial complex the red and green granite stone was brought from the area Bayanaul, for 1100 km.
The mausoleum is executed in the Syr-Darya tradition of two cameral monuments with two frontal openings within an entrance part. At the last restoration the monument was updated by the rectangular processed granite stones, the general sizes of 6,5 х 6,4 m.
As it was told granite Bayanaul was brought from the area. The mausoleum is dome portal, two cameras, by corners it is focused on parts of the world. The entrance to the funeral camera is executed from the South.
The chamber room on east and western walls has triangular shape of a window. Wall of the chamber room 2,8 x 2,0 m. Sizes of a sarcophagus 3,0 x 1,2 m. Pediment height with the inscription "Yrgyzbay Doskanauly" from red marble of 3,4 m.
Height of a wall is 3 m, height of two forward towers of 3,7 m, two side towers of 2,4 m. The general height of the mausoleum together with a half moon at peak of a dome of 9,2 m. The mausoleum is decorated with a color stone laying.
The lower part is revetted with green granite. The listed color palette gives to a monument unique beauty. In the top part of a dome there are four openings executed for ventilation of air and access of lighting. To the East from the mausoleum the four-room lodge for pilgrims, Tarpanbayula Lenzat burial and about ten other burials settles down.
The restored mausoleum of the spiritual mentor of the East, the wise and glorified healer Irgizbaya Doskanaula the eminent person of the Kazakh people of Badelkhan Kamalkhanuly gratuitously, irrevocably and forever transfers to the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Geographic coordinates of the Yryzbay Doskanauly mausoleum: N48 ° 08'56.86 "E82 ° 10'10.35"

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.