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Mausoleum of Toxan in Ulytau

Holy places Ulytau.

“An ancient burial site will always hold clues as to who the people were, and to who we are” 

Anthony T. Hincks.

Ulytau on the map of Kazakhstan.

The mausoleum of Toxan from the Tortkar clan, which belongs to the middle zhuz of the Kazakh people, was built in 1918. Located on the outskirts of Zhezkazgan in the Ulytau district of the Karaganda region. From the stories it is known that the mausoleum was built by the brother of Toksan - Kosherbay, the famous ruler of the current territory of the village of Sarysu.
Toksan's father, Zhamankar, was a very wealthy man and he had about 3,000 horses, and was also in close relations with such illustrious beats and batyrs Edige Sandybayuly, Buzau and others.


Alexandrr Petrov.