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Mausoleum of Kazybay aulie.

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"In his prayers, he asked the gods to grant good, for the gods know best of all what good consists in"


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Mausoleum Kazybay Aulie is located at an altitude of 100 meters above sea level, located on the territory of an ancient necropolis of Kazybay, 1.7 kilometers northeast of the Kazybay valley, 7.7 kilometers northwest of the village of Aralbay13 kilometers southeast of east of the village of Sarysu, 18.9 kilometers northeast of the village of Suzhargan, in the Dzhangeldy district in the Kostanay region.
Kazybai aгliye lived in about the XVIIth century. He died in the area "Bayan-Tanat", now this area is called "Kazybai Korymy".
Historians have found out the exact year of his birth - 1664 and the year of death - he died at the age of 78 in the Bayan-Tanat area. According to legend, Kazybai awliye, being on his deathbed, asked his relatives to bury him in this place.
“Before that, this land was called by a girl's name. In general, this land, the land of Kazybay aulie, is considered the land of the Bayan-Tanat tribe. He dies on the way, and was buried here. But, his relatives told him that a girl was buried here, and you are a famous person, maybe we will bury you in another cemetery, because your name may be forgotten, since there is another one here.
Then he said: “Whose spirit will be stronger, will be named after him,” - said the akim of the village of Aralbay Koishybek Moldabekov. Subsequently, among the people, the area where the saint's burial is located, began to be called "Kazybai's necropolis".
Kazybai was an educated person, a defender of his people and a predictor of the future. In the XVIIth century, his family settled at the Torgai and Zhylanshik rivers. Each of the eleven descendants of Kazybay awliye became the founder of a separate clan. Several years ago, his descendants built a new mausoleum here.
“This bark was a mound before. Then, descendants of Kazybay aulie, people from the Kitabar tribe, his direct descendants built a mausoleum. The initiator of the construction was the famous Kazakhstani figure, writer Koishigara Salgarin. In addition to him, local residents also helped, among them Galym Baimagambetov, Shakin Khamit and Balgabay Kabzhanov.
There were other relatives as well, ”explains K. Moldabekov. According to local residents, numerous descendants of aulie often come here, as well as people who want to be healed and ask for help. They stay overnight next to the mausoleum or in the village.
The mausoleum is considered a holy place; it is visited by a large number of pilgrims.
Geographical coordinates of mausoleum Kazybai Aulie: N49°48'54.04" E63°55'24.81"

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