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The legend of Ichan-Kala.

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"Whose country is rich, he himself is rich"

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Judging by the archaeological data, Khiva existed already in the V-VI centuries. as a stop or caravanserai at the Heyvak well (Khiva-Heiva-Heyvak) on the ancient route from Merv to Gurgandzh ..
Based on this, archaeologists believe that the remains of an ancient fortification structure around the caravanserai, dating back to the Vth century, partially form the basis of the walls of Ichan-Kala.
Legend has it that the Kheyvak well, the water from which had an amazing taste, was dug up by Sim, the son of the biblical Noah.
Well Kheyvak and today is located at the northwestern wall of Ichan-Kala.
When repairing the well, traces of ancient masonry and the remains of a domed structure, now covered with earth, were found. Clay for the construction of the walls was taken two kilometers from the city, in the area Govuk-Kul, now there is a large lake.
And today, as before, local clay of excellent quality is used by modern potters. Legend has it that when the prophet Muhammad built Medina, clay was used from these places, and the lake, which appeared later, is considered holy.

"Khiva City and Legends" tourist guide to Khiva.