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The legend of Anush Khan.

Tales, folk epos, myths and legends of ancient Khorezm.

“On the basis of extraordinary facts, legends are born every day, of which survive those who continue to like the current fashion and agree to participate in some kind of preaching”

Legends of Uzbekistan.

There are many legends about the history of the Anusha Khan baths. Their construction is associated with the successful campaign of Anush Mohammed Sultan on Kermin. Once the Bukhara ruler Abdulaziz Khan unexpectedly attacked the army of Abulgazi Khan, and only thanks to the courage and resourcefulness of Anush Mohammed Sultan the attack was repelled.
Abulgazi Khan gave a big feast, publicly acknowledged the merits of his son and gave him a banner, an army, and granted Khazarasp. There is also another curious legend: Abulgazi Khan, one of the most respected rulers of Khiva, had only sons born.
At first he was happy about this, but when the ninth son was born, he admitted that he would like to have a daughter. The word of the master is the law. When the tenth child was born, the khan was told that he finally had a daughter.
Abulgazi ordered to give the girl the name of his favorite concubine - Armenian Anushi. Many years later, Abulgazi Khan, a talented commander, nicknamed Bahadur (bogatyr) for military service, in one of the many battles he fought to strengthen Khiva’s position, was captured by the Emir of Bukhara.
The elder sons did not rush to the aid of their father, then Anusha went to Bukhara.
- Abulgazi Khan has nine sons, why did his daughter come to his aid? - Amir of Bukhara asked Anushi.
“And how are you going to free him?”
“Give the word that you will release your father if I surprise you,” Anusha asked.
“If you surprise, I will let go,” the ruler of Bukhara grinned skeptically.
Then Anusha undressed... and turned out to be a young man. The emir was shocked and released Abulgazi Khan. The ruler of Khiva, returning home, said: - It turns out that I have not nine sons, but only one - Anush.
In gratitude for his salvation, he built a mosque and a bath-hospital, calling them the name of his son.

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