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Lakes Sary-Cheleks.

Ecological tourism in reserves of Kyrgyzstan.

Extension of route: 623 km.
Seasonallity: all the year round.
 Best time for excursion: April - September.
Advanced reservation - for 24 hours.

The short description of a route of tour in the south of Kyrgyzstan from the town of Osh in national park Sary-Chelek:

Osh - town of Uzgen - settlement Kochkor-Ata - settlement Shamaldy-Sayi - settlement Tash-Kumyr - settlement Arkit - lake Kyla-Kol, lake Tuyuk - lakes Aram-Kol, Cherek-Kol, Bakaly-Kol, Iri-Kol - village Arkit - Osh.

4 days, 3 nights.

The detailed description of round from the town of Osh through the town of Uzgen to lake Sary-Chelek:

1 Day. Osh- town of Uzgen - settlement Kochkor-Ata - settlement Shamaldy-Sayi - settlement Tash-Kumyr - settlement Arkit (292 km).
Transfer: Osh - Uzgen (52 km). After town Osh we visit in town Uzgen historical sight of the south of Kyrgyzstan. Uzgen, one of the oldest town the south of Kyrgyzstan to which more than two thousand years also have ancient history. It is located town on coast of river Oi-Tal in Kara-Darya to valley. Lunch in Uzgen. Visiting of three mausoleums and minaret. The mausoleums Karakhanids governors are located in territory medieval Uzgen, their state was capital in XI - XII с.с. The mausoleums are constructed at various times, but their architecture is traditional for the Central Asia. Advantage of these monuments that their construction dated approximately one chronological by time, shows development of construction of religious monuments of time karakhanids. Two mausoleums are dated rather precisely: northern - 1152, southern - 1187. The oldest mausoleum - average. After excursion transfer: Uzgen - Arkit (240 km). Arrival in settlement Arkit, accommodation in guest houses. Dinner and overnight.
2 Day. Lakes Aram-Kol, Cherek-Kol, Bakaly-Kol, Iri-Kol (22 km). 
Breakfast. Transfer: Arkit - lake Aram-Kol (22 km). Today we rise on lake plateau, we pass lake Kyla-Kol which remains from us at the left and on soil road we direct to lake Aram-Kol. Arrival on lake Aram-Kol. Foot walk in vicinities of lake. Then we continue walk to small lakes Cherek-Kol and Iri-Kol. Lake Cherek-Kol is located in southeast from lake Sary-Chelek, its length about 2000 meters, width - 230 meters, depth - 9 meters, this biggest lake from group of lakes located in southeast from lake Sary-Chelek. The sizes of lakes Aram-Kol, Bakaly-Kol and Iri-Kol from 1 up to 18 hectare. Picnic on pass. After picnic free time. Interested persons can rent horses and make walk on pass Keterme of 2446 meters above sea level. On lake Sary-Chelek it is possible to rent boat and to make walk on northern coast of lake. Returning in Arkit. Dinner and overnight in guest houses.
3 Day. Arkit - settlement Tash-Kumyr - settlement Shamaldy-Sai - settlement Kochkor-Ata - settlement Msyy - settlement Kyzyl-October - settlement Arslanbob (244 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Arkit - Arslanbob (244 km). Our way after settlement Tash-Kumyr passes by northern part to extensive Fergana valley and after settlement Red-October will run along the river the Kara-Unkur gradually going deep in mountains of the Fergana ridge. Lunch in a way. The settlement Arslanbob is named the legendary gardener who has planted, under the legend, surrounding nut woods. The settlement was stretched at height 1400 meters above sea level  and since ancient times involves inhabitants of east part of Fergana valley with soft climate and beauty of the nature. Arrival in settlement Arslanbob, transfer to guest houses, accommodation. Dinner and overnight.
4 Day. Arkit - Osh (292 km).
Breakfast. Transfer to Osh.

The Program is Alexander Petrov's author's program. Copying and introduction - only from the sanction of the author -

Sergeyi Bulanov, Evgenyi Zotov, Alexander Petrov