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Kyz-aulie mausoleum.

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Nearby to mausoleum Abat-Baitak there is constructed on analogy to mausoleum Abat-Baitak, a mausoleum with a female burial place. In it enter raw housing the mausoleum of the end XVIII - the beginnings of XIX centuries constructed.
Into imitation an early monument, the smaller sizes and constructed of a crude material, not from burnt a brick, and saman. Therefore under influence of climatic conditions, long time the mausoleum has half collapsed.
He is constructed hardly later and is named in people «Kyz-aulie». Female ornaments, the maiden remains have been found In him during excavation. «In this construction too there is any sacred force», - knowing people believe.
Near it it is possible to see women in zhaulykh which, approach to mausoleum more often and touch its walls hands.

Kyz-aulie mausoleum.Internal wall Kyz-aulie the mausoleum.Kyz-aulie mausoleum.Kyz-aulie mausoleum.

Aurhority:,, R.Beknazarov (Kazakhstan), Zhuanyash Baigurinov (area Kobda, the Aktyubinsk province).

 Alexander Petrov.