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Kyrk Mola fortress.

Monuments of Dashoguz Region.

"Accordingly, Kunya-Urgench is considered to have retained its integrity better than most other sites in Central Asia as the attributes of the property are still present. The authenticity of the property has been preserved in the site layout and the use and the function of the site as a religious centre which is still continuing. It is also preserved as a prominent pilgrimage centre of Islam"

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Fortress Kyrk Mola (the 40th mullahs), is located on the northeast suburb of Kunya-Urgench - near Khorezm Shakh Tekesh mausoleum Dashoguz Region. The area of fortress is 3 hectares. Maximum height of towers of 12,5 meters.
During excavation by archeologists the fortification of the antique period, and also an altar was found. Fortress is the most ancient center of Gurgandzha. Scientists believe that during the Middle Ages era there was the well-known library of Mamun here.
Kyrk Mola (40th mall) In fortress Kyrk Molla that means "40 mullahs", the Academy and library of the emir Mamun ibn-Mamun were placed. According to the local legend, during the Mongolian invasion 40 scientific mullahs barricaded there, asking Allah about rescue of ancient manuscripts.
As soon as enemies approached the hill, the building of Academy turned over and fell under the earth. At the foot of the hill the ancient necropolis, the place of a pilgrimage is located. According to the legend, 360 righteous persons are buried here.
On the hill of the woman ask Allah that it sent them children. Having said a prayer, they, having muffled with the head in a cover, roll down from the hill down.

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