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Kydyrsha ata necropolis.

Ancient monuments of Mangystau.

“The Prophet knew the destitute, the unfortunate, the orphaned
That night he went out to M'aridge to see
Ask and sympathize with the disadvantaged,
And I also decided to follow the trail of the unfortunate.

"Hikmets" by Khoja Ahmed Yassavi.

Necropolis of Mangyshlak Peninsula.

The necropolis of Kadyrsha ata is located on the Ustyurt plateau, 52.2 kilometers east and slightly south of the Duken meteorological station, 199 kilometers south and slightly east of the village of Beineu, 92.2 kilometers southwest of the Kazakh-Uzbek checkpoint Tazhen -Karakalpakia "in the Beineu district of the Mangistau region.
The monument was investigated in 2008 by specialists of the State Institution "Mangistau State Historical and Cultural Reserve", it is included in the preliminary list of registration of objects of historical and cultural heritage of the Mangistau region.
At the necropolis of Kadirsha ata, 35 objects were noted. A modern stone fence is located in the central part of the necropolis. At the western wall, inside the fence, there is a wooden pole - "Syryk agash" with scraps of fabric.
On the same part, but only behind a brick fence, there is a modern kulpytas. Saganatam is located to the northeast of the fence. The monument is rectangular in plan, laid out of sawn slabs of limestone-sandstone, built without a foundation on the basement belt, has a three-layer structure with masonry in the middle.
Entrance openings are facing south. To the east is another saganatam, similar to saganatam № 1, a kulpytas is installed at the western wall. In the same part of the necropolis there are stone fences with steles, composite kulpytas with koitases.
Kydyrsha Zhylkybayuly is a famous healer and chiropractor. Zhylkybai had 8 sons. The youngest was named Kydyrsha. According to legend, Kydyrsha ata had the ability to correct sprains and fractures without touching a person.
No matter how difficult the fracture was, crossing the threshold of Kydyrsha ata, the bones of a person were adjusted by themselves. At that time, fractures occurred mainly after clearing wells and after falling from a horse.
As soon as Kydyrsha ata set off on a many-day journey to the patient, the broken bones of a person fell into place by themselves, the broken bones gradually joined together and the person calmly fell asleep until the healer arrived.
Once Zhylkaidar from the Kyrykmyltyk clan fell from his horse, breaking his femur. He sent a man with two horses to bring him Kydyrsha. As soon as the messenger got to Kydyrsha ata, the exhausted man immediately fell asleep.
Kydyrsha ata stays in another house. That night the patient moved his leg. After that, Kydyrsha ata ordered him to arrange a sacrificial food-sadaқa. After slaughtering a ram and preparing meat, they immediately call Zhylkaidara.
Surprised relatives answer how a person who breaks his hip can get back on his feet. To which Kydyrsha ata says to them: wake him up - he must get up. The awakened one wakes up and pours it into everyone's arms.
Once, once Kydyrsha ata goes for a walk with a group of his friends-horsemen and stops in the village of Satey-biya. A local young horseman named Abantay Tekeshuly gives the healer a horse. Kydyrsha ata really liked his modesty and behavior.
The next day Abantai puts the healer on a horse, Kydyrsha ata immediately descends from the horse and blesses Abantai. In 3 - 4 days after the departure of Kydyrsha ata, Abantai began to set and treat fractures.
This man was also overshadowed by grace: a chiropractor-healer, predicted in kumalaks and knew how to recognize the tracks of animals. Kydyrsha ata died in 1915. His abilities were passed on to his descendants.
They say that the pilgrims who spent the night at the grave of Ayagan ata, the son of Kydyrsh ata, also had fractures healed. Once the famous kyuishi Shamil Abiltaev, walked on crutches with a broken leg, heard about Ayagan ata and came to honor him: he spent the night there, and the next morning he went on two legs (1993).
Geographic coordinates of the Kadyrsha Ata necropolis: N44 ° 15'09.29 "E55 ° 15'31.88"

Authority and photos:
Archive materials of GU MGIKZ. Genealogy Begey ata "Belgili erden Begey bar" - Almaty 2007.