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Kulan ana mausoleum.

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"To endure the story of his own life, everyone adds a few legends to it"

Marcel Juandot.

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The Kulan Ana mausoleum is located in the Ulytau district of the Ulytau region, 25.6 kilometers southeast of the Talap village, which is subordinate to the city administration of Zhezkazgan and 18 kilometers southeast of the Bestobe mountain range, the dominant mark of which is 384 meters above the level sea.
The Kulan Ana mausoleum is located at an elevation of 331 meters above sea level in the ancient cemetery of Bolganon in the interfluve of Karakengir and Sarysu. Bolganon cemetery is located 10 kilometers from the mouth of the Karakangir River to the north.
Here, in the cemetery, 25 meters northwest of the Kulan Ana mausoleum, there is the Bolgan Ana mausoleum. The estimated age of the monument belongs to the period of the XIV - XV centuries. Popular legends associate him with the name of the Merkit Kulan-Khatun, the second wife of Genghis Khan and the mother of Kulkan, the only son of Genghis Khan not from Borte, who had practically the same rights as his first four sons.
Kulan-Khatun, according to legend, is the same woman who was allegedly involved in the murder of Khan Jochi. Historical sources, however, differ about the data of her life and the moment of death. According to one version, she died even before Khan Jochi, long before the Ulytau lands came under the control of the Mongols.
According to another version, she accompanied Genghis Khan on his Khorezm campaigns and died during one of them, after which she was buried under thick ice.
Geographic coordinates of Kulan Ana mausoleum: N47 ° 27'59.88 "E68 ° 00'31.33"

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