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Walks on ancient settlements of Turkmenistan.

Khosrow-kala – antique in its basis ancient town site stands out in Abiverd - the region neighboring to Merv. It is situated near Kaushut (Gowshut), in 110km to the south-east of Ashgabat. It consists of two fortresses lying upon clay adobe platforms, 9 metres in height and demonstrates more perfect methods of fortification.
Similarly to Chilburj the towers are made oval instead of rectangular Parthian ones, and more optimal interval is accepted between them for better shooting of the attacking. A ramp, facing the separately standing citadel, leads to the shakhristan.
It was a kakh of the governer primarily and in the IX - X centuries, when centralization of power began it received the name of kukhendiz (old fortress). The shakhristan and the citadel of Khosrov-kala had sovereign systems of defence, interacting when necessary.
They were left after the Arabs' coming, when the administrative centre of the region was moved to Abiverd, nowadays the ancient town site of Peshtak.

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Alexander Petrov.