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"Қазақ еліне мың алғыс".

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“Every noble person is deeply aware of his consanguinity, his consanguineous relations with the fatherland”

Vissarion G. Belinsky.

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The main element of the "Ulytau" alley is a monument - "қазақ еліне мың алғыс", whose height is 13 meters. In the framework of the project "Regions as a gift to Astana", Karaganda region also presented a special gift.
The monument "Kazakh elina weң algys" personifying the tragic fate of the peoples forcibly resettled to our country, it demonstrates the great humanism of the Kazakhs, friendship and unity in our society. The bronze sculpture mounted on a pedestal of artistic granite is made in the form of a young Kazakh woman, the Motherland, which embraces the figures of three children with a protective gesture.
The monument "Kazakh Yelin weң algys" consists of four figures in artistic images. It symbolizes the mercy of the Kazakh people, sheltered representatives of many ethnic groups, exiled during the years of repression to Kazakhstan, gratitude and appreciation to the Kazakh people for their hospitality, hospitality, kindness and friendship over the years relocation ", - explained the representative of the Department of Construction, Architecture and Urban Planning of the Karaganda region.
The Ulytau alley on the territory of the capital's Botanical Garden has become a wonderful decoration and resting place for citizens. The monument is located on an area of ​​1.2 hectares between the Arc de Triomphe and Turkestan street.

Monuments of Astana and Akmola region.