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Karakunuz Botanic Reserve.

A trip from Almaty to the village of Korday.

“In the study of the conquest of nature there is no room for personal arbitrariness; here it’s impossible to invent, you just have to observe and understand, use the existing forces for centuries and unravel the existing connection of cause and effect from the century”

DI. Pisarev.

Visit to the Karakunuz reserve.

The State Natural Botanical Reserve "Gorge" Karakunuz "was created in 1971. It is located in the western spurs of the Trans-Ili Alatau and covers the foothill and mountain parts of the Karakunuzka River. The state natural botanical reserve "Karakunuz tract" is located in the Zhambyl region, its area is 3,070 hectares.
The tract is located 65 km from the village of Korday, which is the regional center. The purpose of the reserve: the protection of rare species and relic plants in a certain area. The Karakunuzka riverbed is another highlight adding beauty to the region.
520 species of flora representatives (grasses, shrubs, trees) are under the protection of the State Natural Botanical Reserve “Karakunuz Natural Reserve”. The relict (extensively distributed or playing an important role in ancient ecosystems) specimens also included in this number.
Among the species that have come down to us are walnut, mulberry, feather grass, biiyurgun, fescue, white acacia and others. Also it is fruit plantings of apple trees, cherry plum, grapes, cherries, maple forest. Also in the protected area oak, aspen grow.
The State Natural Botanical Reserve “Karakunuz Natural Reserve” is geographically integrated with the Andasay State Zoological Reserve system. Therefore, wild boars, roe deer, pheasants, partridges, hares and other animals living in an amazing landscape are also studied and protected on the territory.
This part of the territory is subject to protection by representatives of the plant world, and also pleases ecotourism adherents, interested individuals, travelers and researchers. A journey to the natural boundary allows you to touch nature, feel its strength, grandeur and the right noble beauty.
Amazing air permeated with aromas of herbs, as if intended to pour vitality into the people who visited the reserve.