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Karadairmen gorge.

Beautiful nature of Mangystau.

“When you travel, the main thing is not to forget that the point is in the journey itself, and not at its end. If you are in too much of a hurry, you will miss the purpose for which you are traveling”

F. Lamennais.

Mangystau is best attraction in Western Kazakhstan.

Karadairmen gorge is located between two ridges: in the northwestern part of the Western Karatau ridge and in the central eastern part of the Northern Aktau ridge, 5.6 kilometers to the east and slightly north of the Shaiyr village, 6.6 kilometers southwest of Mount Zhalgan a height of 331.2 meters above sea level, 9.3 kilometers to the west and slightly south of Mount Sherkala in the Mangistau district of the Mangistau region.
Next to the multi-colored clays of the Kokala valley, another Karatau curiosity is hidden - the mountain gorge of the same name. Its length is 1.8 kilometers. The Karadairmen gorge winds strongly in the rock mass, constantly opening up new and sometimes unexpected pictures for the traveler.
Almost all the way, a stream with beautiful mountain water gurgles along the bottom of the mint thickets. At the rocky steps, the spring forms small lakes. Local residents believe that the water from the Karadairmen gorge is healing.
In some places in the gorge there are undersized thickets of hawthorn and willow, breaking the monotony of broken lines of rock folds with the greenery of their curly crowns. It's not so easy to get into the gorge. In this place, the rock layers lie almost vertically, blocking the entrance to the gorge with a kind of fortress wall at least 10 meters high with narrow gates, which the fabulous knights - the guardians of natural peace and purity - filled up with large boulders.
Only a spring during the humid periods of the year makes its way through this barrier with a small waterfall. At the base of the "gate", nature has created a stone bowl in which you can take a cool bath in hot weather.
There are only two ways to get into the Karadairmen gorge: either climb the wall, or climb one of the adjacent ridges, and then descend to the bottom of the gorge along the rocky heaps.
Geographic coordinates of the Karadairmen gorge: N44 ° 14'26.87 "E51 ° 53'28.11"

Andrey Astafyev, Aktau town
Alexander Petrov.

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.