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Karaarcha river.

Rivers of Uzbekistan.

«A lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature»

Henry David Thoreau.

Walks on the rivers of Uzbekistan.

The river Karaarcha, Karaarchasay - the left inflow of the river Akbulak. The Karaarcha in translation from Uzbek - "Black Arch (juniper)". The river flows in Bostanlyksky district of the Tashkent region of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Sources the river Karaarcha begins from merge of two springs on east slope of the mountain Karangur on a mountain crest. In headwaters has the primary direction on the northeast, proceeds on the narrow and deep valley.
On average a current, having received waters from inflows, changes the direction of a current in the western direction. On average a current, Karaarcha Chimgana formed on the one hand by spurs, and with another mountain Pulatkhan walls proceeds through a rocky canyon.
The valley Karaarchi and its inflows contains many falls of sculptural type. At a tectonic raising of the territory the erosion opened rocks, non-uniform on durability, that served as the reason of formation of excesses of the course Karaarchi.
The Karaarcha does not dry up all the year round, the maximum level of water at the beginning of spring. During this period the river becomes rough, crossings are dangerous. The Karaarcha accepts a significant amount of inflows, both seasonal, and year-round. Inflows flow down from the ridges Mindzhilki, Dzhar, from Big Chimgan's spurs and Hunting at the left.
Inflows flow down from the ridge Karangur on the right, and also with the plateau Pulatkhan. The largest inflows are Cholmirob (sources are about Big Chimgan and at the pass the Ottoman) and Aynovchukursay (sources about passes the Komsomol member and Loose) - both at the left.
The Karaarcha proceeds across the territory of Ugam-Chatkalsky national park In Karaarche various fish is well caught: a trout, a marinka, the Ottoman (rise to the first large falls).