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Imam baba mausoleum.

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"The real prayer is at all not that it is necessary to make in some certain hours, in the appropriate place and having accepted a certain pose, the prayer is it that the person creates reverentially, heartily and hourly remembering god"

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Marked by a bright green dome, easily visible from the road, the mausoleum Imam baba, rebuilt in 1990, contains two graves. The caretaker admitted to me that he knew nothing about their occupants. He produced five pages of carefully handwritten script, recording everything that had been found out about the history of the place during the discussions on its rebuilding.
This did not amount to much, though the Russian orientalist Zhukovsky, who carried out a survey of Merv in 1890, reportedly mentioned the site. The caretaker keeps 700 plates in a padlocked lean-to, ready for the large groups of pilgrims who occasionally descend on the place to hold sacrificial meals.

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