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Hospital railway in Turkestan.

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The hospital railway in Turkestan is dated the beginning of the 20th century. Enters into a complex of medical institutions which developed in 1903 during construction of the railroad Orenburg - Tashkent. Freely costing a are located in the square occupying the extensive territory which is closed from West side with the Park of Zheleznoyodorozhnik.
Buildings are built on at. Walls brick, base stone, rubble; overlappings are frame; roof iron. It by a characteristic example of construction of the station hospital executed in "brick style". Cases enter a complex of:
a) main,
b) economic.
The main case presents in the plan the one building with ledges of projections on the main thing and side end. Of a 2-skatny roof over projections maintain wooden drafts and. On the central axis in an internal court yard there is a 5-faced volume of the operational block.
Art expressiveness of facades is created by the decorative elements executed in the equipment of a laying from the high-quality brick put by a corner and directly: the horizontal of walls, curbs and corbels uniting across windows at the level of a transom; 2-level "cornices" of a wall.
The plane is dismembered narrow, and on axes of projections - wide apertures • with a capstone. The building has the corridor scheme, of the rooms focused on a street facade where hospital chambers are placed. Sanitary rooms, independent entrances, are placed in building end faces.
Medical office - one, 11-figurative in the plan. Side axes are revealed on the main facade by projections which are accented to nippers of a wall, on constructive seams. The of facades is formed by the  subwindow buried panels, wooden arms and of a roof, versatile corbels at the level of a transom and subwindow boards.
The tectonics of a wall is formed by a rhythm rectangular, and on - with end of windows. In side wings along a unilateral corridor there are hospital chambers focused towards the Square. In the central volume offices are placed.
The economic case combines and kitchen. The two-storeyed, construction in the plan has corrugated, folded overlapping. The main decorative motive in an of facades - the decorative (curbs) executed in brick laying and between floor corbels, a floor crossing points of windows.
The internal structure - a number of big working rooms with the adjoining economic rooms - remained without changes. In the yard there is a glacier and drains, from a brick, the border of has teardrop shape.

Hospital railway in Turkestan.Hospital railway in Turkestan.Hospital railway in Turkestan.Hospital railway in Turkestan.

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Alexander Petrov.