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Holy apostles Peter and Paul Cathedral in Petropavlovsk.

Orthodox cathedrals in Kazakhstan.

“Man cannot live without faith. Decisive for our and future generations is the question of whether it will be an irrational faith in leaders, machines, success, or a rational faith in a person based on the experience of our own fruitful activity”

Fromm Erich.

Tour of the Orthodox churches of Petropavlovsk.

Holy apostles Peter and Paul cathedral is an interesting monument of church architecture of XIX century. It is situated in Petropavlosk, Komintern Street, 97 and it is one of the oldest orthodox cathedrals in the town. For the first time the church in honor of holy apostles Peter and Paul was built in 1766 as the first serfdom church.
The stone cathedral was built on its place on June 29, 1831. After revolution it was closed and defaced in the years of atheism and then it was rebuilt for war industry in 1941. Then another church was named by its name, before it was called Pokrovskaya and was laid in October, 1803.
In 1812 it was destroyed to its foundations and a new stone church according to a new plan and big changes was laid on the same place in October 22, 1813, which had tree sanctuaries: Pokrovski, Nikolski and Petrovski which were lighted on October 22, 1815.
After Nikolai I signed new "Regulations about Siberian Cossacks’ troops", the temple became Cossacks’ church in Podgora village, independent from Petropavlovsk. Kiev duke Valeri Mihailovich Shahovski was crowned in this church. After revolution the church fell in to decay.
The temple was closed, it was deprived of the head, made it granary and then tobacco factory. Only wall remained from it. In 1946 the cathedral was restored by believers’ favor according to drafts found in the archives attested by Alexander I and dated of 1813.
Restoration of church bells started in 1990. Life in the cathedral activated, the number of visitors increased. The cathedral is a bright example of cult building executed in «Siberian baroque» of its architecture and in spite of late rebuilding it preserved all main style characteristics.
It was built from bricks, pargeted and whitened in Soviet time. The building consists of two basic objects – the church and belfry. The main building has six cupolas. Belfry joins to it closely and it is crowned with seventh cupola.
The belfry was laid separately from the church and joined with it by the hall in 1844.Building of the belfry ended in 1848. The cathedral is one famous and kept monuments of architecture of prerevolutionary Petropavlovsk.
It is an example of historical building of provincial merchants’ town peculiar to the end of XIX century and it is a historical heritage of the town. The building was taken under protection by the decision of regional executive committee of People’s deputies Council in 1979 and by the decision of town executive committee of Petropavlovsk in 1982.


Photos by
Alexander Petrov,