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History of health resort “Issyk-Kul Aurora”.

Relaxing on Lake Issyk-Kul.

“But you floated away. Did you know that you will never turn into a fish? That you won’t sail to Issyk-Kul, you won’t see the white steamer and you won’t tell him: “Hello, white ship, it’s me!” ... And the fact is that a child’s conscience in a person is like an embryo in a grain; without an embryo, the grain does not germinate. And no matter what awaits us in the world, the truth will remain forever, as long as people are born and die... Saying goodbye to you, I repeat your words, boy: “Hello, white ship, it’s me!”

Chingiz Aitmatov. "White Ship"

Health resorts on coast of Lake Issyk-Kul.

The Issyk-Kul-Aurora health resort is located at an altitude of 1622 meters above sea level, located on the northern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, 430 meters from the shore, on the northern slope of the Kungey Ala-Too ridge, in the eastern part of the village of Bulan-Segettu in Issyk- Kul district of Issyk-Kul region. 
The health resort has an unusual and at the same time thoughtful, beautiful and always modern building in its architecture. Many associate the architecture of the building with the story “The White Steamship” (“After the Fairy Tale”) by the Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov, which was first published in the magazine “New World” (No. 1) in 1970.
The project of a unique structure was developed at the Central Research Institute for Experimental Design of Resort and Tourist Complexes in Moscow from 1969 to 1979, commissioned by the Administration of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
The health resort was created with the consent of L.I. Brezhnev! The main author of the project was the Soviet architect, author of public building projects, member of the Moscow Union of Architects (SMA) Yuri Nikolaevich Minaev.
The author worked at the Central Research Institute for Experimental Design of Educational Buildings. According to Minaev, the idea for the project in the form of a ship came to him after reading the book “The White Steamship” by Chingiz Aitmatov.
His dream was to also call it a health resort. The health resort was opened on July 10, 1979, the symbolic ribbon at the opening was cut by the secretary of the Moscow Republican Committee of the CPSU of the town of Bishkek Sadykov T., he was also one of the first vacationers.
When put into operation, the health resort had 104 single rooms, 45 double rooms and 8 suites. According to unverified data, 5 construction managers were replaced during construction. The first director of the health resort under construction since 1972 was P.P. Lopatin, at the same time, in March, the boundaries of future construction were determined.
In January 1974, the first concrete was poured into the foundation of the building. In January 1978, construction began on a residential village for health resort workers, which was designed north of the health resort under construction on the territory of the village of Komsomol, which in the 2000s changed its name to Bulan-Segettu.
Now the health resort is designed to accommodate 600 vacationers. During its work as part of the Administration of the Central Committee of the CPSU, the health resort became one of the most elite health resorts.
Over the years, guests of the health resort were: L. I. Brezhnev, cosmonauts N. Rukavishnikov, V. Aksenov, opera singer E. Obraztsova and many other political and cultural figures. One of the veterans of the health resort is Svetlana Egorovna Pechenyuk, who has worked here since the opening of the institution as the chief nurse.
From 1999, Svetlana Egorovna worked as the director of the health resort until 2005. The health resort was originally called “Issyk-Kul”, since 1986 it was renamed “Issyk-Kul Aurora”. On the territory of the health resort there is a large and well-equipped park area with deciduous and coniferous trees.
The area of the Issyk-Kul Aurora health resort was initially 42 hectares, currently the area is 26 hectares.
Geographic coordinates of health resort "Aurora-Issyk-Kul": N42°40'25.84" E77°18'21.02"

If you are using geographic coordinates for Google Earth or Google Maps navigation systems, you must remove the last two digits from geographic coordinates and " (hundredths of a second) and enter the result in the input line. Example: N51°44'09.67" E72°39'40.81" = N51°44'09 E72°39'40 

March 1972. Determining the boundaries of future construction.January 02, 1974. Pouring concrete into the foundation of the building.January 1978.Construction of a residential settlement for health resort workers.May 1977. Finishing the façade of the medical building.September 1978. Finishing the façade of the dormitory building.Opening of the health resort on July 10, 1979. The symbolic ribbon is cut by the secretary of the Moscow Republic of Kazakhstan Communist Party Sadykov T.View of the health resort. South side.July 10, 1979 The first vacationer T. Sadykov with the health resort workers: chief doctor Chumakov V.T., chief nurse Pechenyuk S.E., resident doctor Rogova M.D., director Lopatin P.P.1979. The first vacationers of the health resort.July 10, 1979. The first director of the health resort P.P. Lopatin meets the first vacationer - the secretary of the Moscow Republic of Kazakhstan Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan Sadykov T.View from the 6th floor of the main building.September 1979. Commander of the Central Asian Military District, Army General N. G. Lyashchenko.View of the health resort from the south.September 1979. The first woman cosmonaut V.V. Tereshkova on board the motor ship "Moscow".View of the health resort from the south.September 22, 1979. World chess champion A.E. Karpov with medical workers of the health resort.Daughters of the first cosmonaut Yu.A. Gagarin - Lena and Galya.Director A.Ya. Bochenin with the staff of the health resort nutrition department.


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from the stand located on the first floor in the Aurora-Issyk-Kul sanatorium.