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Hall kazandyk in Turkestan.

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“ seemed a part of her life, to step from the ancient to the modern, back and forth. She felt rather sorry for those who knew only one and not the other. It was better, she thought, to be able to select from the whole menu of human achievements than to be bound within one narrow range” 

Orson Scott Card.

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Kazandyk is in the center of the hall thaw a cauldron. Hodzha Akhmed Yasavi mausoleum consists of eight rooms of various character which are grouped around the central, biggest hall in a complex for thaw a cauldron (kazalh - kazandyk): mausoleum, mosque, big and small palace halls (kazakh - aksaray), library (kazakh - kitapkhana) and an economic complex which enter well (kazakh - құ dykhana), dining room (kazakh - askhana), inhabited and other rooms.
Kazandyk - the room for thaw a cauldron. This ceremonial room of a complex, square in the plan with the parties equal to 18,2 m, is covered by the biggest of remained in Central Asia a dome with an unary cover.
On axes of walls of the room the high lancet niches decorated by ganch stalactites are arranged. Room proportions, its height (39 m), a whiteness of walls in dim lighting create the atmosphere of rest, awe and solemnity.
One of the main sights of this mausoleum is thaw a cauldron - the biggest bowl on all east Muslim world for water. It was, according to legends, is cast from alloy of seven metals in the village of Karnak, in 25 kilometers from the city of Turkestan.
The surface of a taykazan is decorated with three belts of relief inscriptions against the background of a vegetable ornament. Top says that this cauldron for water - Timur's gift to the construction erected in memory of Hodge Ahmed of Yasavi.
In average of the word: "Be blessed", year of production of a cauldron - 1399 and a name of the master - Abdulgaziz ibn Sharafutdin from Tabriz. In lower it is told: "Kingdom to Allah". Handles of a copper have an appearance of flowers of a lotus and alternate with round ledges.
Since 1934 this bowl was exhibited at Leningrad (Nynesankt-St. Petersburg, Russia) in the State Hermitage. In 1988 thaw a cauldron it was returned to the mausoleum. Indoors "казандык" lamps are installed, some of them are still stored here, and two of them are stored in Louvre and the Hermitage.
Among them the monumental bronze lamp - also Timur gift is of the greatest art value. It is decorated with vegetable figuration, the engraved inscriptions and incrustation by silver and gold.Inscriptions report a name of the master - Izuddin ibn Tadzhundin and year of production - 1397.