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Grigoryevskoe and gorge Semenovskoe.

Excursion trips to gorges Kungei Ala-Too.

Extension of route: 119 km.
Seasonallity: April - Oktober.
 Best time for excursion: June - September.
Advanced reservation - for 36 hours.

The short description of route of an excursion trip to gorge Grigorevskoe and Semenovskoe on southern slope of ridge Kungei Ala-Too:

Cholpn-Ata - settlement Bozteri - settlement Bulan-Sogotu - settlement Grigorevka - mountains Kungei Ala-Too - gorge Grigorevskoe - river Chon-Aksu - First lake - pass Kek-Bel of 2376 meters above sea level - gorge Semenovskoe - settlement Semenovka - Cholpon-Ata.

1 Day.

The detailed program of an excursion trip in Griroryevskoe and gorges Semenovskoe:

Trip to mountains Kungei Ala-Too: Cholpon-Ata - settlement Grigoreyvka - gorge Grigoreyvka - First lake (56 km). On way to the First lake located in gorge Chon-Aksu stop on coast of river Chon-Aksu at local shepherds who have put here the yurts for the summer, acquaintance to life of the Kyrgyzh shepherds, tasting of national dairy drinks Kyrgyzh - koumiss and airan (keefir). Arrival on lake, walk in vicinities of lake, photographing of lake landscapes with Tien-Shan fur-trees. In gorge magnificent kinds of fir forest which grows on slopes of mountain ridges and infinite Alpine meadows and glades on which cost yurts the Kyrgyzh shepherds and are grazed flocks of sheeps and herds of horses. Transfer: First lake - gorge Grigoryevka - pass Kek-Bel of 2376 meters above sea level - Semenovka gorge (11 km). On way the stop on pass Kek-Bel, from here opens fine panorama on gorge Grigoreyvka and the top part of gorge Semenovka. Walks in gorge Semenovka, photographing of vicinities. Picnic on coast of the river. The further transfer: Semenovka gorge - settlement Semenovka - Cholpon-Ata - yachts club on lake Issyk-Kul (52 km). Walk on boat on lake Issyk-Kul (1 hour). Returning to town Cholpon-Ata.Gorge Grigorevskoe.The River Chon-Aksu.Road on pass Kek-Bel and further in gorge Semenovskoe.Tien-Shan fur-trees in gorge Chon-Aksu.The River Chon-Aksu before confluence of lake the First.Lake the First, it lake Chon-Aksu.The Top part of gorge Grigorevskogo.The Kind on gorge Semenovskoe from pass Kek-Bel.

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