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Glaciers of Abramov.

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Abramov Glacier is located in the Chon-Alai region of the Osh region in the Alai Range. The length of the glacier is 9.0 kilometers, with an area of ​​25.2 kilometers square) located at the headwaters of the Kek-Suu River (Kyzyl-Suu River).
Since 1967, observations on the MHD program began on this glacier. The glacier's feeding area lies in a vast circus framed by steep snow-covered ridges. A wide, relatively clear glacier with one middle moraine descends to an altitude of 3620 meters above sea level.
Power of ice 2 kilometers from end of 160 - 170 meters. Between 1967 and 1976, the mass balance of the glacier fluctuated from + 82.2 to - 100.0 g / cm square, averaged -31.6 g / cm square per year. The average annual accumulation was 161.6 g / cm2 square, ablation -193.2 g / cm2 square.
The duration of the ablation period is from 100 to 160 days. Up to 90% of the melting of snow and ice occurred due to solar radiation. In the next 5 years (1967 - 1980), the average mass balance was also negative (-104.8 g / cm2 per year).
The speed of ice movement on the Abramov glacier usually does not exceed 20 - 30 centimeters per day. However, on this glacier, once every 10 to 11 years, ice is accelerated to 2 meters per day and the end of the glacier is advanced.
So, during the movement of the glacier in 1972 - 1973. the end of the glacier advanced 625 meters (Abramova Glacier. 1980; Fluctuations. 1985).

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