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Glacier of Lenin.

Natural Wonders of Kyrgyzstan.

“Mountains happen in life suddenly:
You will no longer be the same as before.
Wherever you are, but pulls back
You to Dombai, to the palace of Snow White"

"The mountains". Elf Lee.

Landmarks of Kyrgyzstan.

Lenin Glacier, located in the Chon-Alai district of Osh region on the northern slope of the Zaalai Range in Kyrgyzstan. Its length is 13.5 kilometers, an area of ​​55.3 square kilometers. This is the largest hollow glacier of the northern slope of the Zaalaysky ridge.
It has an extensive firn pool on the slope of Lenin Peak and a short tongue. Glacier surface is clean, few cracks. Its right tributary, separated from the glacier by a rocky nunatak, has twice intensified over the past 40 years - in 1945 and 1969.
Moreover, the surface of the glacier snout tongue was broken by cracks, and a wide convex glacier moved beyond nunatak at 500 and 1000 meters. At the end of the shifts, the end of the glacier collapsed and retreated.
On the southern slope of the central section of the ridge 236 glaciers with an area of ​​442.0 square kilometers. As on the northern slope, most of the area falls on the glaciers of the valleys (91%). There are many large glaciers, 13 of them exceed 5 square kilometers, including 4 glaciers larger than 25 square kilometers, and they account for 49% of the total area of ​​glaciation.
These are the Kuzgun, Bolshoi Saukdara, Oktyabrsky and Uysu glaciers.

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Photos by
Alexander Petrov.