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German Drama Theatre in Almaty.

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“Theater is such a department with which you can say a lot to the world”

Gogol N.V.

Gastro tourist in Almaty.

The opening of the theater took place on December 26, 1980 in Temirtau with a play by the Russian German writer Alexander Raimeng entitled “The First” about the resettlement of Germans and the relationship of Kazakhs with Germans. In 1989, the theater moved to Almaty.
Currently, the theater’s own building is under reconstruction. Performances are held in the House of Culture of the ARC, in a hall with 200 seats. There are 125 performances per year, about 10,000 spectators per year attend the theater.
Performances are in German (with simultaneous translation into Russian) and in Russian. The stage shows staged diploma performances - participants of the festivals: “Girl and Death” (M. Gorky, A Musical Tale for Adults), “Don't Leave Me” (Alexey Dudarev. Dramatic Ballad in One Action), “Freedom” (Slavomir Mrozhek. Absurd c one intermission), the children's play “Daddy”, and the premiere performances “Test”, “Busting”, and “Bremen Town Musicians” are also very popular.
The cast of the theater: Adylov Kubanychbek, Azarova Maria, Ashimova Kulbanu, Balashov Vyacheslav, Bondank Timur, Gann Lidia, Generalova Anna, Krasnikov Alexander, Loshmanova Anastasia, Sadykov Ilya, Tyamenko Oksana, Fateeva Larisa.
Beginning of performances: at 12-00 and 19-00
Ticket price: children - 300tg, adult - 800 tg.
Official website:
Address: st. Satpayev, 64 "d" corner. st. Rozybakieva.
Phone: +7 (727) 392-01-18, +7 (727) 392-02-34, Fax: +7 (727) 392-01-18
During the reconstruction of the theater, performances are held on the stage of the House of Culture of the ARC
Address: st. Auezov, 3, between the street Gogol and st. Tole Bee
Tel .: +7 (727) 2465774, +7 (727) 2469713
The theater can be reached by buses: 16, 37, 48, 56, 59, 99, 114