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Geoglyph "Shiiliysky Square".

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"The next morning, setting off on our way, we arrived at a certain ancient settlement, fortified with extensive ramparts and ditches. This city is made like a quadrangular castle, having an equal space of ramparts in all directions. From the east side, there is still an earthen gate that opens a free path inside it. The fallen ramparts, and the ditches of their former depth, deprived of their former depth, testify to the antiquity of this place: but the notes of worthy ruins are not visible either inside or in the ramparts, except for the tiles and stone lying in the city places "

Nikolay Rychkov. "Day notes of a trip to the Kirghiz-Kaysak steppe." 1771.

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Geoglyph "Shili Square" is located on the Zhylanshykturme hill, at an altitude of 206 meters above sea level, located 70 kilometers northwest of the city of Arkalyk, in the interfluve of the drying channels of Taldysay and Shiilisay, 2.9 kilometers from the right bank of the Kara-Torgai River , 5.7 kilometers northeast of the village of Kyzylzhuldyz, 6.1 kilometers northwest of the village of Kaiyndy, subordinate to the city administration of the city of Arkalyk, Kostanay region.
"Shili square" is a square area surrounded by a rampart and a moat located on the outside. The length of the side of the square is about 225 meters. The width of the shaft is 10 - 12 meters, the height is 1 - 1.5 meters, the width of the moat is 10 - 12 meters, the depth is up to 1 meter.
In the southern part there is an entrance to the structure, represented by a break in the rampart and ditch. A hundred meters south of the square there is a mound with a flat top, the mound is built of earth, the diameter of the mound is 30 meters, the height is 1.5 meters, it is ringed by a moat up to 10 meters wide, up to 0.8 meters deep.
A hundred meters north of the square there are five circles, which are platforms ringed by a rampart and lined up parallel to the side of the square. Circle diameter 30 - 35 meters, shaft width 4 - 5 meters, height 0.2 - 0.3 meters.
The surface of the site inside the square is flat, visually no traces of any structures are fixed, in the northwestern part, accumulations of ceramics, presumably of medieval age, were found, individual fragments are also found on the rest of the site.
112 meters to the north of the geoglyph "Shilian square" are the geoglyph "Shilian circles". The inner diameter of the circle is 25, the outer diameter is 40 meters. In total there are 5 circles located from the southwest to the northeast. 122 meters to the south is another circle with an outer diameter of 40 meters.
Geographic coordinates of Shili Square geoglyph: N50°01'40.19" E65°59'56.75"
Geographic coordinates of Shili circles geoglyph: N50°01'47.19" E65°59'54.46"

Logvin Andrey Viktorovich, head of the laboratory of archaeological research, Kostanay State University named after A. Baitursynov.
Shevnina Irina Viktorovna, Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Laboratory of Archaeological Research, Kostanay State University. A. Baitursynov.
Dey Dmitry Borisovich, head of the Turgay Discovery project. Alexander Petrov.