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Gazelle in Kazakhstan.

 Phototours for gazelle in Kazakhstan.

«Nature never deceives us; it is we who deceive ourselves»

Jean-Jacques Roussea.

Bike expedition to Mangyshlak.

Gazelle (Kazakh - Kara-kuyruk) - graceful cloven-hoofed animal on thin slender legs (body length about 1 m, height 60 - 75 cm).
The head of the male is decorated with delicate lyre-shaped horns with a length of 40 cm, the females are hornless.
Well adapted to living in deserts, and a long period of time can live without water. In the spring and first half of summer gazelles kept in small groups, and in autumn and winter they gather in large flocks up to several hundred individuals.
After 5 - 6 months of pregnancy, usually in early may, the female bears one or two cubs.  The enemies of the Gazelle, wolves and fox; the young often take the eagles, but the biggest danger - the man with a gun.
Particularly widespread poaching of gazelles at night with the headlights when blinded by light animals become helpless. Thus the herd of gazelles was undermined by the huge areas of deserts and the Gazelle was in the red book - not only national but also international. In recent years, Kazakhstan is the slow recovery of this rare and beautiful beast.