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Gayng - Kan cave.

Speleological tours in Karlyuk caves in Turkmenistan.

“Sweetness shudders through the land as if,
freed from the heat, 

nature’d scooped spring waters in her hand 
and splashed her burning feet”

Henry David Thoreau.

Karlyuk visit cave in Turkmenistan.

According to a legend, there are one thousand ways to punish the person in hell. One of these ways - to exhaust at the guilty person blood by means of bugs. In Kugitang there is a cave - hell waiting room where the person is influenced by him.
Therefore this cave is called by Gyang, in translation from Turkmen means "Bug". Really, in niches and ceiling cavities of this cave colonies of fleas, pincers and bugs meet. Second name - Kan, that means "Mine".
The cave is in 5 kilometers to the northeast of the settlement of Karlyuk on the right plateau a slope of Donguzdaryi (the most extreme left inflow of Bulakdaryi), at the absolute height of 600 meters above sea level.
Cave length. 150 meters, together with branches of 165 meters. Cave dry and stuffy. The movement of air is felt only throughout a trench. At the end of a cavity air temperature is 24 degrees, at external 32 degrees at this time.

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