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Gandimyan in Khiva.

Legends of Khiva

"If Sisyphus were smarter, he would attach handles to the stone"

Tours of the tales of Uzbekistan.

Legends of the Khivans do not hold. One of them says that two dekhkan brothers once lived in the village of Gandimyan long ago. One day in the fall, after harvesting the wheat crop, the brothers until the late threshed and ground the grain.
Then he divided it equally and went to bed. The elder soon fell asleep, and the younger one long tossed from side to side and thought: “We divided the wheat equally. But I am alone, and my brother has a wife, children...
”He slowly rose and poured half of his wheat to his brother in the dark. Then, pleased, lay down and snored. His snoring woke his older brother. The poor fellow namayalas, he thought of the younger. - Of all si tried. And then to say: it's time to get married, but you have to pay for the bride money.
I'll pour him half my grain. Perhaps we won't die of hunger. ” He got up and poured half his wheat to the youngest. Bobo-dekhkan, the patron saint of farmers, saw this and took pity on his brothers and made a miracle. When they woke up in the morning, a mountain of selected wheat rose on the current.
No matter how much they took away, the grain did not decrease. Since then, the name of the village has gone: Gandimyan - “Wheat land”.