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Dungan Mosque in Karakol.

Tours over monuments of architecture Issyk-Kul of province.

“For Muslims, my hikmets will be a teacher
Whoever is should worship God
My hikmets, speak only to those who understand.
Praising with prayers, immerse yourself in the mercy of Allah "

"Hikmets" by Khoja Ahmed Yassavi.

Excursions to Dungan Mosque in Karakol. 

The Dungan Mosque is a peculiar monument of eastern culture. It was built without nails. The grave and majestic monument to Przhevalski, famous Russian traveler, are located on the hill, from the top of which opens a overview of Dzhergalan bay of the Issyk-Kul lake.
Not far from the grave in the shadowy park there is a museum of the traveler. Dungan the mosque in the city of Karakol is constructed in 1907. The architect and builder Chzhou-Su. 10 woodcarvers took part In construction of a mosque and masters-roofers 30 person.
The mosque in traditions Dungan architecture with bent a roof, one-storeyed construction with 42 columns located in two of some is built. Many-tier the wooden eaves is decorated by a groove with images of plants and fruits, fantastic animal dragons, phoenixes and others.
In 1907 builders have started preparation of materials, at construction were used Tien-Shan a fur-tree, elm and the local poplar, for furnish at construction was used a nut. The Spadework proceeded about three years.
In 1920 the frame mosque has been collected. The sizes of a mosque small in comparison with the Central Asian mosques - 24,8 х 23 meters. The mosque has a traditional lay-out in the form of a rectangular with two numbers of columns in east (at an input) and western (mikhrab) parts of a building.
Windows are built in southern and northern walls of a mosque, the western party of a mosque without windows - persons praying here are turned. The mosque has 4 columns-support located in two of some (Mikhrab) perimeter of a building.
Columns cost on the huge processed stones - supporting, a wooden patten eaves and a roof of a mosque. The building of a mosque easily is under construction without nails as builders used system of grooves. In carved patterns of eaves ornaments and plots, blows by national mythology - fantastic monsters-dragons, phoenixes, lions who under national legends preserve buildings against disasters and malicious spirits are used.
Painting of a building, material and color of a roof in Dungan to architecture were strictly regulated. All wooden parts and columns have been painted in red color, walls - in purple, a roof - in green, and carved designs in two colors: vegetative patterns (grapes, pomegranates, pears and peaches) - in green, and mythological animals - in yellow.
On national mythology each color has the certain value: red - preserves a building against malicious spirits and disasters, yellow - brings riches and greatness, and green - well-being and happiness. Nowadays operates as a Muslim mosque.

The book «City Vernyi and Semirechye province» 2009, author A.G.Lukhtanov.

Photos  by
 Alexander Petrov.