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Duman complex.

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“The ideal of a cultured person is nothing but the ideal of a person who, in any conditions, preserves genuine humanity”

Albert Schweizer.

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“Duman” in Astana is the atmosphere of childhood, here you can walk along the seabed, visit the museum of miniatures, feel all the possibilities of media technology in a 3D cinema, then do not miss the opportunity to visit the entertainment center “Duman”, on the left bank of Astana.
The Oceanarium of the Center is a unique structure located more than 3,000 km from the ocean. About 2,000 animals live here, representing more than 100 species of marine inhabitants of various corners of the Earth.
This is achieved thanks to a unique life support system, which includes many pipes, pumps and filters. The total volume of water in the system is 3 million liters. The main part of the aquarium is a large aquarium, at the bottom of which there is a glass tunnel 70 meters long.
Here you can walk along the seabed, just a few centimeters from the sharks. Twice a day, experienced divers show the Shark Feeding show here. In addition to these marine predators, such species of fish as piranhas, seahorses, sea anemones, hedgehog fish and others are represented in the aquarium.
Another, no less interesting part of the entertainment complex is a 3D cinema. It includes a three-dimensional stereoscopic screen, special movable capsules with chairs, an excellent sound system, as well as various atmospheric and water effects.
And even though this realistic all-consuming show lasts only 10 minutes, you will get a huge amount of emotions, impressions and adrenaline. The latest world movie distribution is not shown here, but you can travel in time and space: go to the era of dinosaurs or rescue the princess from a medieval dungeon, go to distant stars or explore the human body from the inside.
For lovers of historical monuments, the complex has a special Dome Space, which is divided into 4 thematic areas - Kazakhstan, America, Greece and China. Under a large dome with a diameter of 70 meters, thematic zones are represented by copies of various architectural monuments, evidence of historical events, etc.
Thanks to this museum, one can perfectly compare the East and the West, both in the understanding of the ancients (China-Greece) and contemporaries (Kazakhstan-America). Duman is not just an entertainment complex in which there are a lot of attractions, cafes and playgrounds, but also a place where social work is carried out aimed at helping orphans, children with disabilities, as well as pensioners.

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