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Chuldur undercliff.

Tours on the regional centers of Mangyshlak.

“The miracles of earth are the laws of heaven”

Jean Paul Richter.

Mangyshlak tours.

In the east, the Tupkaragan plateau the spacious valley, on the coast of the gulf Kochak is located.
There is also a unique sight of the peninsula of Mangyshlak - undercliff Chuldur. Mangistau has surprising property to attract to itself souls and hearts of people.
Only once you visit this unique region, will inhale a drink of dryish and salty air, having plunged into a cold coastal wave - all this will never be forgotten.
In historical times passed here an important trade way on which caravans loaded with Asian goods moved.
Caravans went to important sea pier known under the name Sarytas.

Andrey Astafyev.

Alexander Petrov.