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Bayramalikhan-kala fortress.

Excursion walks on monuments of Merv.

"Merv is known under the name "Merv Ash-Shakhidzhan" and on construction ancient. They say that the citadel (кухендиз) in it is constructed by Takhamurt, and the ancient city of (Medina) - Zu-l-Karneynom. (I.e. Alexander of Macedon.) It lies in the area equal, remote from mountains, - in it mountains are not visible and is not present in the next limits; the earth is saline, abounding with sands"

Kitam Mesalik Al-Memalik" Al-Istarkhi.

Trip from Mary on ancient settlement Gonur-depe.

New Merv Bayramalikhan-Kala fortress, belongs to the XVIIIth century. Its wall is connected to the western wall of the next fortress of Abdullakhan-Kala.
Length of the western wall Bayramalikhan-Kala equaled to nearly 750 meters, and length of northern and southern walls equaled to 500 meters.
Partially only the northern wall and small fragments of the southern wall remained.
Fortress was constructed in the form of a three-wall construction
Exact date of construction of fortress is not clear, its name comes from a name of the governor of Bayramali-khan (1781 - 1784) which won great love of the people.

Bayramalikhan-kala fortress.

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Alexander Petrov.