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Babadzha-Khatun mausoleum.

Ancient monuments of Zhambyl of area.

Mausoleum is famous for its 16-rib umbrella shaped dome. There is no second roofing of this kind in the Central Asian architecture. The figured brickwork decorates the walls of the Mausoleum. Babadzha Khatun Mausoleum XI – XII - th сenturies is a known property of Taraz situated at. 
 The figured brickwork decorates the walls of the Mausoleum. In fact, the ribbed umbrella-type dome does not have any direct analogues in modern architecture of Central Asia.
The epigraphic frieze on the portal of the mausoleum brought us the name of a woman buried there. According to the legend the was Aisha’s nurse-maid and was accompanying her on the tragic trip. After Aisha’s death she kept fire on the grave of her favorite foster child.
Both mausoleums are not just architectural objects, but also a place of pilgrimage as they are considered to be sacred in the Muslim world.  The tomb is not only an architectural object, but also a place of pilgrimage since, considered a sacred place in the Muslim world.The mausoleum is especially famous for its beautiful dome, designed as a tent that has 16 edges.
Ribbed covering high dome has no similar analogues in ancient Central Asian architecture. Epigraphic frieze on a portal of the mausoleum has informed to us the name of the woman, buried underneath. According to legend, she was a nanny Ayesha Khatun, and after the tragic death of his pupils supported fire on her grave.
Mausoleum of different forms of strict simplicity, arganіchnastsyu design and architectural decoration, and skillful use of baked bricks.In the center of the wall of the main facade, which faces east, built round arch, and here is the only entrance to the mausoleum. On each side of the entrance niche, strong walls are divided by narrow, high enough and shallow carved niches until the end did not reach the ground. Above the niches in the wall firmly imbedded medallions.
Own niches and medallions made in the form of a capital letter "P". The wall on the west side is left smooth, exquisite processing even the most delicate masonry joints throughout.Mausoleum Babadzha-Khatun. Mausoleum Babadzha-Khatun. Mausoleum Babadzha-Khatun. Mausoleum Babadzha-Khatun. Mausoleum Babadzha-Khatun. Mausoleum Babadzha-Khatun. Mausoleum Babadzha-Khatun. Mausoleum Babadzha-Khatun.

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Alexander Petrov.