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Avenue "Hikmets Yassaui".

Sights of mausoleum of Ahmed Yassavi.

“The distance of time’s separation brings us remnants of memories so ancient that most are lost in the mists of illusion…” 

A.J. Vosse.

Trip from Almaty to Turkestan.

To the cities of Turkestan, opposite to the mausoleum Mohammed Ahmed Yassavi the avenue of the hikmet of Ahmed Yassaui known in historical science as "Hikmeta Yassaui" opened. In total Ahmed Yassaui wrote and left 4400 hikmet.
Sayings known a sufi, cut on 16 granite steles which represent a uniform complex. On each of plates - on four hikmet. "Hikmet's sofa-and" - not just a monument of religious Sufi literature, they are one of the most ancient Turkic monuments and, according to many scientists, belong to karakhanids literary tradition.
Sources of its verses are also in shaman songs of Turkic nomads. In language of its verses there are kypchaks elements. Well-known "Divani Hikmet" - the general heritage of the Turkic-speaking people, they were handed down, from generation to generation, called the people for honesty, justice, goodwill and patience.
Historical documents demonstrate that Hikmet a set of times corresponded, were edited, supplemented. Manuscripts "Divani Hikmet" are stored in the basic in libraries of Tashkent, St. Petersburg, Istanbul. In storages of manuscripts of the St. Petersburg office of RAN there are 23 Divani Hikmet and lists relating to the XVIII - XIX centuries.
The Tashkent lists are stored in a hand-written meeting of Willows of AN of Uzbekistan, Institute of manuscripts (56 copies). Generally lists belong to the XIXth century. Except hand-written lists, in Kazan Ahmed Yassavi verses were published by the Arab graphics.
149 Hikmets, contain the dated 1896, 1905 the most unabridged edition. Now Hikmeta remained in numerous lists. During the different periods scientists devoted researches and articles to the ingenious poet, the philosopher.
In the last decades "Divani Hikmet" were several times republished as abroad, and in our country. Hikmets preached Islam and promoted strengthening of Moslem in the people. Among the Turkic-speaking people "ВDivani hikmet" Turkic peoples called "Korani" as they apprehended the Koran through "Hikmets" of Hodge Ahmed of Yassavi therefore Turkic peoples began to call his "Hazret Sultan" - "Saint Sultan", and Turkestan by the second Mecca.
Hikmets Hodge of Ahmed Yassavi not only preached Islam, but also called the Turkic-speaking people for a spiritual unification, sovereignty, all necessary conditions for their creation were stipulated here.

Avenue "Hikmets Yassaui" in Turkestan.Avenue "Hikmets Yassaui" in Turkestan.Avenue "Hikmets Yassaui" in Turkestan.Avenue "Hikmets Yassaui" in Turkestan.Avenue "Hikmets Yassaui" in Turkestan.Avenue "Hikmets Yassaui" in Turkestan.


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