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Araltobe burial mound.

It is an accurate replica of the golden mantle of a Samartian warrior and dignitary. This treasure and many other revealing objects dating from the l-st – II-nd centuries AD were excavated in 1999 near the hamlet of Kulsary at the burial site of Araltobe.

Araltobe burial mound.Reconstruction of a suit and weapon of the Sarmatian leader whose remains are found in 1999 in Araltobe Zhalyoyskiy Atyrayskoy's barrow of area. 2nd century BC. Scientific reconstruction: head of the West Kazakhstan expedition Zaynolla Samashev. Performer: restorer Kyry Altynbekov.Araltobe burial mound.Archeological finds on the place of a barrow of Araltobe - a bone needle case, a bronse ring, a beads, a bead (cornelian), earrings.Araltobe burial mound.

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