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Annunciation Church of Aktau.

Visit to town of Aktau.

“The essence of all faith is that it gives life a meaning that is not destroyed by death”

Tolstoy L.N.

Trip to town of Aktau.

In the spring of 1990, the Orthodox community "Truth" was created in the city of Aktau, which set as its goal the creation of an Orthodox parish in the city, since there was no temple for many hundreds of kilometers.
The founders of the society Valery Schekotikhin, Tatyana Morozova, Victor Roshchak, Vera Melkonyan, Lyudmila Lytyagina and many others wrote a letter of request to Patriarch Alexy II. His Holiness the Patriarch blessed the construction of an Orthodox church in a remote steppe region.
The city authorities went towards the Orthodox community and on October 18, 90, the executive committee of the Aktau City Council adopted decision No. 769 “On the Allocation of Territory” for the construction of the church, and then allocated a land plot of 2.8 hectares. for outbuildings and farming.
In February 1990 Priest George (Yuri) Likhachev, appointed rector of the future church in Aktau, Bishop Anthony of Ural and Guryev, arrived in Aktau from Guryev. The first services, prayers, confessions - for many for the first time in their life, Fr. George spent in the apartment.
The first temporary temple was urgently assembled from 2 prefabricated shield soldiers' barracks allocated by the director of the PUS Tomashevsky. The temple was sanctified on April 7 on the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Easter 1991 was celebrated already in this temple. (Now the "old temple") In 1996, a plank for the construction of a new church was consecrated and laid. With a large crowd of people and the participation of the city authorities, a prayer service was served, the procession site was circled in procession.
Vladiko Anthony the Archbishop of Ural and Guryev blessed the construction of the church. A great contribution to the construction of the Annunciation Church was made by the engineer of the ACS Lyashenko Nikolai Fedorovich. Unfortunately, we do not have the names of all the voluntary and selfless builders of the temple of God.
In 2000, the construction of the temple was completed. An iconostasis was ordered in Moscow. On December 3, 2000, Vladyka Anthony, Archbishop of Ural and Guryev, consecrated a new church. On this day, all those who participated in the construction of the temple, the authorities of the city and the region, and all who looked forward to this day gathered.
December 3, 2010 is the tenth anniversary of our temple.


Alexander Petrov.