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Ancient settlement Zhuantobe. Atlah town.

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“Atlah is a large city, in size close to the capital (to Taraz or Isfidjab); has walls. Most of the city is made up of gardens; in its rural surroundings, grapes are most cultivated. The cathedral mosque is located inside the city, bazaars are in the suburbs"

Arab geographer and historian Masudi (Mas-udi Abulhasan Ali). "Muraujuz-Za-khab wa Ma dinuljauhar" ("The Book of Golden Meadows and Mines of Precious Stones").

Architectural monuments of Talas region.

One of the major towns of the valley was Atlah, al-Maqdisi described it as follows: “Atlah is a large town, it approaches the main town in area, with a wall around it. Most of it is orchards, and vineyards prevail in rustak. The cathedral mosque is in medica, and the markets are in rabad."
Atlah is identified with the ancient settlement Juvantobe, located 12 kilometers south of the ancient settlement of Taraz. This distance is confirmed by the message of Mahmud Kashgar, who noted: "Atlah is the name of a town near Taraz."
The city of Atlah became widely known in history as the place near which the Talas battle took place - between the Chinese troops and the united forces of Arabs and Karluks. The latter defeated the Chinese army, its prisoners were sent to Samarkand, where they were engaged in crafts: making paper, various weapons and tools.
The materials of archaeological research in recent years have confirmed the identity of Atlah - with Juvantobe. It was also established that Juvantobe, the largest settlement in the Talas Valley, dates back to the VIth - XIIth centuries.
Geographic coordinates of the settlement Zhuantobe: N42 ° 42'55.03 "E71 ° 15'52.25"

K.M. Baypakov. “Medieval settlements on the Great Silk Road”. Almaty, "Gylym". 1998.

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.