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All tulips of South Kazakhstan.

Photo tours for tulips of Kazakhstan.

“I have not comprehended all your beauty.
Tulips from mountain steeps come to me in verse
But you are more beautiful than them, besides - they bloom for a week
And you are the hope of all my countless days"

Baba Tahir.

Short description of tour route through the natural parks of South Kazakhstan:

Distance of tour: 3030 km.
Season: from April 1 to May 30.
Tour duration: 16 days and 15 nights.
Distance of  walking part of tour: 20 km.
Horseback riding distance: 14 km.
Best time to tour: April - May.

Detailed tour program day after day to Lake Akkol, Berkara gorge:

Photos of tulips in Kazakhstan.

Day 1. Almaty - Kolsai gorge (312 km).
Transfer: Almaty - Shelek village - Baiseit village (123 km). From Almaty to Shelek village 130 kilometers. Almost throughout the entire journey, the trip takes place among alternating villages one after another, stretching out in one continuous street to Shelek.
After the village of Shelek we pass the bridge on the Chilik river and soon there will be the first short stop in the village of Baiseit, on the main street of which there is a large vegetable market. Visit to the bazaar in the village of Baiseit.
Transfer: Baiseit village - Nura village - Kokpek gorge (46 km). Optional visit to the Berkutchi Museum in the village of Nura. The further path lies in the narrow Kokpek gorge, 11 kilometers long. Excursion to Tulipa tetraphylla in Kokpek gorge.
Transfer: Kokpek gorge - Kokpek village - Sogety valley (23 km). The further path lies through the small Sogety ridge. Sogety ridge separates the Ili river valley from the large latitudinal ridge Zailiyskiy Alatau. Gradually, the Kokpek gorge expands and turns into the Sogety valley, which is fenced in by the Sogety ridge in the north, and the Toruaygyr ridge in the north.
Sogety valley stretches from west to east and the extreme northern border of the valley is the Ili River, the southern border is the Charyn River. Here we will see Tulipa buhseana and possibly Tulipa Kolpokovskiana regel.
Transfer: Sogety valley - Akay Nusipbekov village - Karabulak village - Kaindy lake (94 km). On the way, meeting with Tulip Tetraphylla and Adonis tyanschanica (Adolf) Lipsch). Having passed the Sogety valley, the road begins to deepen into the Alasy gorge of Toruaygyr ridge.
Arrival at the Kolsai Kolderi National Natural Park, which contains the Kaindy Lake, a walk in vicinity. Meeting with Tulipa dasystemon. Lunch at Kaindy lake.
Transfer: Kaindy lake - Saty village - guest house in Kolsay gorge (26 km). Arrival at guest house, accommodation, dinner, overnight.
Day 2. Lower Kolsai Lake - Middle Kolsai Lake (16 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: guest house in Kolsai gorge - Lake Lower Kolsai lake (8 km). Today we will take a walk to the Middle Lake Kolsay located at an altitude of 2252 meters above sea level (8 + 8 = 16 km). On the way to the Upper Lake, meet Tulip Tetraphylla.
The middle lake is located eight kilometers from the Lower Lake Kolsay. The trail runs along the left bank of the lake, the trail offers magnificent views of the First Kolsai Lake and the surrounding mountains. Royal trout lives in the Lower Kolsai Lake.
The Kolsai River flows from the south, the length of the lake is 1350 meters, depth is up to 80 meters. The lake is surrounded by high mountains overgrown with Tien-Shan spruce.
Lunch at the Middle Lake Kolsai. Return to Lower Kolsai lake. Transfer to guest house (8 km). Dinner and overnight at guest house.
Day 3. Kolsai gorge - Basshi village (357 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: guest house - Saty village - Karabulak village - Akay Nusipbekov village - Zhalanash village - Togyzbulak village - Shet-Merke river - Orta-Merke river - Kensu river - Kensu village - Bestyubinskoye reservoir (61 km).
Botanical excursions along the way. Visit to the Bestyubinsky reservoir, walk in the environs. Transfer: Bestyubinskoye reservoir - Kensu village - Taldy village - Karkara village - Shyrganak village - Karkara river - Kegen village (44). Botanical excursions along the way. Lunch at Kegen.
Transfer: Kegen village - Kegen pass 1952.3 meters above sea level (14 km). Botanical walk behind Adonis tyanschanica (Adolf) Lipsch.), Tulip Tetraphylla.
Transfer: Kegen pass - Temerlik river - Temerlik canyon (24 km). Walk in the environs of the canyon.
Transfer: Temerlik canyon - Chundzha village - Taskarasu village - Koktal village - Atyzhek mountains (152 km). Meeting with tulip corynestemon.
Transfer: Atyzhek mountains - Konryolen village - Basshi village (62 km).
Meeting with Caragana camilli-schneideri Kom. Arrival in Basshi, transfer to guest house, accommodation, dinner.
Day 4. Basshi village - Singing Barkhan (Altyn-Emel park) (96 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Basshi village - Shagan cordon - Mynbulak cordon - Singing dune (48 km). A walk in the vicinity of a sand mountain, if desired, an ascent along loose sand to the top of a sand dune. Meeting with Cictanche salsa, Eremurus anisopterus (Kar. & Kir.) Regel.
Travel: Singing dune - Valikhanov spring (2 km), descent to the spring, according to legend, where the Kazakh traveler Shokan Valikhanov stayed, a walk in the environs.
Transfer: Valikhanov spring - Oshaktas monument (8 km). Walk in vicinity of Oshaktas stone steles.
Transfer: Oshaktas - Mynbulak cordon (1 km). At Mynbulak cordon, you can visit a small pond, which is home to a small family of carp and other fish. Ancient willows, half a century old, will also attract your attention, in their shade you can relax after visiting the Singing Dune and drink cold water from the spring. Meeting with Cynomorium songarcum.
Further transfer: Mynbulak - Basshi village (37 km). Arrival in village of Basshi, dinner, overnight.
Day 5. Basshi village - Aktau mountains (408 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Basshi - Aktau mountains (71 km). After the village of Basshi we pass two small villages and after them our way lies to the east between the Aktau mountains and the Ili river. Gradually, the country road leads us to the mountains, and the further path goes along the southern slopes of the Katu-Tau and Aktau mountains. Arrival at the colorful Aktau mountains, walk up the gorge. Meeting with Cictanche salsa, Anabasis truncata (Schrenk) Bunge.
Transfer: Aktau - Katu-Tau gorge (26 km). Arrival at the rock massif Katu-Tau, walks in the vicinity. Meeting with Papaver litwinowii, Glaucium elegans. Lunch.
Transfer: Katu-Tau - Kosbastau cordon-valley (27 km). At the Kosbastau cordon there is a small artificial pond and several hundred-year-old willows, one of which is 700 years old. Walk in the vicinity of the valley. Transfer: Kosbastau - Basshi village (29 km). Arrival in Basshi, dinner, overnight.
Day 6. Basshi village - Almaty (304 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Basshi - Matai mountains (21 km). Meeting with Tulipa brachystemon, Iris scariosa.
Transfer: Matai mountains - Altyn-Emel pass 1711 meters above sea level - Saryozek village - Arkharly pass 1086 meters above sea level - Shengeldy village - right bank of the Kapshagai reservoir (172 km). On the way from the Altyn-Emel pass, excursions in the vicinity of the Kapshagai reservoir for Tulipa Kolpokovskiana and Tulipa behmiana. Lunch.
Transfer: Kapshagai reservoir - vicinities of the automobile bridge over the Ili river (26 km). Meeting with tulips of Tulipa alberti, Tulipa buhseana, Eremopyrom orientale, Eremopyrom triticum, Chordeum spontaneum.
Transfer: bridge over the Ili river - town of Kapshagai - Almaty (85 km). Arrival in Almaty, transfer to hotel, accommodation, dinner, overnight.
Day 7. Almaty - Merke settlement (357 km).
Breakfast. Almaty - Samsy village - Targap village - Kordai pass 1233 meters above sea level (165 km). Our way from Almaty lies to the west along the Almaty - Tashkent highway, passing the small villages of Samsy and Targap, after turning to the village of Otar, the road rises to the Kordai pass.
On the way along the road Tulipa Kolpokovskiana. Stop at the Kordai pass. Walking for Tulipa ostrowskiana. Lunch on the way.
Transfer: Kordai pass - Merke village (192 km). Arrival in village of Merke, accommodation at hotel, dinner, overnight.
Day 8. Merke - town of Taraz (223 km).
Breakfast. Transfer to Merke gorge (16 km). Walk in the environs of seismological station to tulip of Tulipa Zenaidae, opposite the station on the slope you can see Tulipa Greigii on the way back to the bridge you can meet Tulipa ostrowskiana Regel, Juno kuschakewiczii. At the exit from the Merke gorge to the left of the road we can meet Tulipa Kolpokovskiana regel.
Transfer: Merke gorge - Merke settlement - Aksholak settlement - Akyrtas settlement (144 km). Walk in the vicinity of the Akyrtas settlement, here on the Tortkul hill among the excavations of the ancient settlement we will see Tulipa Greigii and near the Akyrtas palace Tulipa Kolpokovskiana regel. Walk to the Tortkul settlement and the Akyrtas palace complex.
Transfer: Akyrtas settlement - Taraz town (47 km). Arrival in town of Taraz, transfer to hotel, accommodation, dinner, overnight.
Day 9. Taraz - Sholakkurgan village (249 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Taraz - Asa village - Kumtiyn village - Kumburl dune - (36 km). Our path from Taraz leads to the northeast. After Taraz we pass the industrial zone of the city with the Zhambyl phosphate plant, and our way lies to the Asa village, the administrative center of the Zhambyl region.
Having passed the village of Asa, after the village of Kumtiyn we turn off the road leading to the village of Zhuma and Lake Bilikol. Soon from the road you can see the high dune Zhuma, to the left of the road, this is our place of excursion, where we will meet Tulipa Lehmanniana.
An old asphalt road leads to the dune, which literally hangs over the sand quarry. Behind the dune on the western side, the Asa River flows, which flows to Lake Bilikol.
Transfer: dune Zhuma - Karakemer village - Akkol village - Akkol lake (72 km). Our further transfer to Tulipa alberti Regel. We pass the small villages of Karakemer and Akkol located near the road. We go up by car along the plain to the steep shore of Lake Akkol, from which a beautiful panorama of the lake opens.
In the northwest, the salt marshes of the dried-up lake Ashchykol are visible. Lunch. Here, on the edge of the cliff and the steppe plain, there are walks.
Transfer: Akkol lake - Saudakent village - Kumkent village - Kyzylkol lake (112 km). In the vicinity of the north-western shore of Lake Kyzylkol, an encounter with Tulipa borszczowii Regel.
Transfer: Kyzylkol lake - Sholakkurgan village (29 km). Arrival in village, transfer to the hotel, accommodation, dinner, overnight.
Day 10. Sholakkurgan village - Berkara gorge (197 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Sholakkurgan - Saudakent village - Zhanatas town - Aktogay village - Berkara gorge. Arrival in the Berkara gorge, transfer to the hotel, accommodation, lunch.
A short walk along the left side of the gorge to Tulipa Greigii and Tulipa kaufmanniana, Korolkowia sewerzowii Regel. Return to hotel, dinner, overnight.
Day 11. Berkara gorge - Zhabagly village (213 km).
Breakfast. Walk to the famous Berkara gorge, where the most interesting color shades of Greig's tulip are concentrated. Dinner. Transfer: Berkara gorge - Karatau mountains (Kuraksay valley) (53 km).
Soon the picturesque Kuyuk gorge begins, the road stretches along the Kuyuk river, stopping near the statue of the eagle. Walk in the vicinity, here we will see Juno orchioides, a hybrid of Juno blue and archid grows here, Eremurus lactiflorus O. Fedtsch), Iridodictyianum kolpak.
Transfer: Kuyuk gorge - Kuyuk pass 981 meters above sea level - Teris-Ashchybulak reservoir - Surum village - Kyzylaryk village - Andreevka village - Koksai canyon 1609 meters above sea level (67 km). Walk and excursion to Koksay canyon. Lunch.
Transfer: Koksay canyon - Surum village - Shakpak-Ata village Zhabagly village (93 km). On the way, in the vicinity of Abail station, meet with Tulip turkeslanica. Arrival in village of Zhabagly, transfer to guest house, accommodation, dinner, overnight.
Day 12. Reserve Aksu-Zhabagly. Aksu canyon (52 km).
Breakfast. First excursion to the Aksu-Zhabagly reserve. Transfer: Zhabagly village - Eltai village - Irsu village - Mailikent pass 1361 meters above sea level - Aksu canyon - Jaeger post at Aksu canyon 1609 meters above sea level (26 km).
Descent to the canyon to the Aksu river to the pedestrian bridge 1350 meters above sea level, takes 30 - 40 minutes (1.3 km). Walk along the canyon near the footbridge Tulipa Greigii.
Returning to the huntsman post, the ascent from the canyon takes from 1 to 1, 5 hours. The Aksu river canyon is a beautiful and picturesque corner of the nature reserve. Lunch. Return to village of Zhabagly, dinner, overnight.
Day 13. Reserve Aksu-Zhabagly. Kishi-Kaindy gorge (24 km)
Breakfast. Transfer to beginning of the horseback ride at the beginning of the Kishi-Kaindy gorge (5 km). Horseback riding: Kishi-Kaindy gorge - field base of botanists Kishi-Kaindy 1722 meters above sea level (7 km). Lunch. Meeting with Tulip turkeslanica, Tulipa Greigii, Tulipa kaufmanniana.
Walk in environs of botanists' house, walk to the waterfall on Kishi-Kaindy river 1723 meters above sea level. Return to beginning of gorge. Transfer to village of Zhabagly, dinner, overnight.
Day 14. Zhabagly - Mashat canyon (136 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: village of Zhabagly - village of Turar Ryskulov (Vannovka) - village of Kershetas - Mashat canyon (65 km). Arrival in Mashat canyon, walking around the canyon, here we will see Tulipa kaufmanniana Regel, Tulipa greigii Regel, Katran Severtsova (Crambe kotschyana Boiss), Amygd Bualus, Allium karataviense Regel.
Transfer to plateau above Mashat canyon 709 meters above sea level (3 km). Lunch. Walking over the Mashat canyon, here we will meet an endemic tulip that is found only in the Mashat canyon - Tulipa lemmersii, also a false two-flowered Tulipa greigii Regel.
From the edge of the cliff, beautiful views of the Mashat canyon and the Talas Alatau mountains open. End of the excursion. Return to the village of Zhabagly (68 km). Dinner. End of program in Aksu-Zhabagly reserve.
Transfer: Zhabagly village - Tulkubas railway station (18 km). Transfer by train to Almaty, overnight on the train.
Day 15. Zailiyskiy Alatau mountains. Almaty - Kaskelen gorge (86 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Almaty - village of Verkhnyaya Kamenka -  village of Kyrgauldy - Kaskelen gorge - upper summer house (39 km).
Walk along the eastern slope of the gorge, where, among the bushes of the meadowsweet, we will meet Tulipa ostrowskiana Regel 1151 meters above sea level.
Transfer: upper dacha massif - Kasymbek valley 1725 meters above sea level (12 km). After the upper suburban area, we will return to the main road. On the way, on the left side of the gorge, among the rosehip bushes, we will see glades with Ostrovskiana tulipa. In the vicinity of the Kasymbek valley, we will meet Tulipa dasystemon. Lunch.
Further transfer to the vicinity of the maral breeding farm, which is located on the left side of the gorge (3 km).
Behind a wooden fence on the southern slope, marals graze; here, not far in the shade of a coniferous forest, there is a glade of Crocus alatavicus Regel Semenov-Tian-Schansky, V. P. on the right bank of the river, a juniper grows. Walk in the vicinity of the gorge.
Return to Almaty, dinner, overnight at the hotel.
Day 16. Departure from Almaty.
Transfer to airport.

Tulipa alberti Regel.Cictanche salsa.Allium karataviense Regel.Juno orchioides.Tulipa berkariensis.Tulipa Kolpokovskiana regel.Haloxylon persicum Bunge ex Boiss. & Buhse). Singing dune. Altyn-Emel natural park.Phrynocephalus mystaceus) (Pallas 1776).Crocus alatavicus Regel et Semen.Cictanche salsa.Primula algida.Tulipa Greigii.

Alexander Petrov author program. Copying and introduction - only from the sanction of the author.

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.