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Ak-Chunkur cave.

Visiting of caves of Kyrgyzstan.

Ak-Chunkur, cave, 3105 meters above sea level and is also called “the White hole. It is located 7 km east of the village Echkili-Tash, on the right bank of the river Sary-Jaz, in the limestone cliff.
The cave consists of the two levels and starts in a large room. Its width is 8 - 9m, height 1,4 - 2 m and 3 - 4 m in some places. The ceiling of the cave is steep and is fitting to the bedding layers of limestone.
The length of the entire cave is 40 - 45 m. The most ancient monuments of art, drawings of people and animals, are found on the walls and ceilings of the cave. The drawings capture hunting and dancing scenes made by the artists using red ocher 5 - 10 thousand years ago, at the turn of Mesolithic and Neolithic era.
The contours of the drawings are made by using a thumb. They are located in separate groups on the walls of the cave. There are copies of 14 drawings made. There are two fat women, seven dancing hunters, mountain goats, and snakes.
The palette of the artist from the Stone Age was also found here, a hollow goat horn filled with oil. The cave is not suitable for occupancy. There were no signs that a man used this place for a daily life. It was used most likely as an ancient temple where magical rites were performed.
Stone tools from VI - V thousand years B.C. were also found here during excavation. Unfortunately, numerous drawings have been destroyed by many tourists visiting this site. The smoke from the burning fires and torches has also added to the damage. 
A small lake lies not far from the cave. Right above the village is Ak-Bulak canyon, where gold and silver was mined. There are many small canyons and trails through the mountains to the Almaty.

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Anatoliy Khalepov.

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