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Maloulbinskoe reservoir.

From Maloulbinskoe reservoir, flows Malaya Ulba river, flowing slightly higher UstKamenogorsk in Ulba river. Reservoir is located on the Malaya Ulba river. The elevation of reservoir - 1612 meters.
Since 1930 the lake was considered by strategic place, and the road to it was blocked by armed post. The water area of 25 kilometers and a capacity of 60 million cubic meters. 80 kilometers of the road from town to the mountain plateau built hard, but not very reliably.
Two years technique went to the Malaya Ulba, 80 kilometers of this road separates the pond with three dams. Two holding Bank by Ridder, another – from Ust-Kamenogorsk. Reservoir was started work in 1936. Date says a lot about construction were basically handed the prisoners of Stalin's camps.
In Ridder still many families remember the stories about how from surrounding villages on the order picked up “enemies of the people”. All three of the dam, according to local residents, paid for by the lives of tens and hundreds of prisoners of the Gulag.
Not far from the shore stands the house, which housed the commandant, and concrete solitary confinement for prisoners. The most magnificent building of the reservoir - 34-metre-high dam that holds the bowl of 60 million cubic meters of water over a large gorge.

Galina Vologodskaya, the journalist of the newspaper "Caravan".