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Youth theatre.

Individual lasting many days tours over Tajikistan.

The Tadjik state youth theatre of a name of M. Vakhidov (N.Karabaev prospectus, 23). It is formed in 1971. Creative structure - graduates of GITIS it. A.Lunacharskiy. The youth theatre has begun the activity by statement of performance of "Vassa Zheleznova" under the play of M. Gorkiy theatre on a stage name Lakhiti.
Repertoir of theatre in the first years of its education: «The doctor necessarily» Moliere, «The Criminal tango» E.Rannet, «Robiya Balkhi» A.Atoboeva. The first art director - H.Abdurazzakov.
The basic events of time were reflected in statements of theatre - «The Fifteenth spring» A.Zak and I.Kuznetsova, «Safar Amirshoev» T.Ahmadhonova and R.Safarova, "Mother" K.Capek, «Rural jokes» A.Vampilova, «The Free theme» A.Chheidze, «The Bride and the groom» M. Baidjieva, «Strings of love» K.Kiroma.
The special attention is given statement of national dramatic art. From among actors and directors playwrights S.Solehov, H.Nurov, M. Khaelov have grown. In repertoir of theatre the special place is borrowed with world and Russian classics: «The Teacher of dance» Lope de Vega (1975), «Don Zhuan» Moliere (1987) And others.
Youth theatre in 1980 - 2000 Has carried out statement of performances under A.Bahori plays «Fortuneteller Afandi», A.Hamdama «Safar-Makhsum», by S.Ulugzoda «Rudakhi», etc. At theatre brought up talented directors, such as Z.Dzhavadov, A.Kadyrov, N.Dzhalolov. Actors of Youth theatre - of Abdullaev, R.Kosimova, A.Kodirov, T.Rozikov, A.Saodatova, I.Gulomov, Islomov, B.Mingboev, Z.Hushvaktov are pride of the Tadjik theatrical art.