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Trekking tour in Terskey Ala-Too.

Trip from Lake Issyk Kul to gorge Dzhety-Oguz.

“In books I have traveled, not only to other worlds, but into my own” 

Anna Quindlen.

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From the resort of Dzhety-Oguz until the end of a glacier Aylanysh at the bottom Dzhety-Oguz of a wall the gorge has length about 25 kilometers, the track goes on the right river bank all the time. Above the resort throughout 10,5 kilometers among the fir forest the country road available only to cars 4 WD is paved.
In 4 kilometers above the resort, in the wood, the base of geologists - from temporary wooden lodges is located. The highway comes to an end on a glade, without reaching 1,5 km a confluence with the river Dzhety-Oguz of the right inflow of the river Telety.
Further up the gorge there is only a track. In 12 kilometers from the resort about a confluence of the river Teletу there is "A glade of flowers". Really, here excellent Alpine meadows with magnificent different herbs and abundance of different flowers: edelweisses, small and large white snowdrops, forget-me-not, geranium, large dark blue and tiny blue gentian (Gentiana), orange camomiles.
To "A glade of flowers" on Telety valley the track brings, there is it from Dimitrov, Telety and Gastello passes from the gorge Ontor.
From a glade Dzhety-Oguz wall is well visible for 17 - 18 kilometers two tops. The gorge Dzhety-Oguz strongly extends, in 18 kilometers from the resort - a big glade in the natural boundary Belalyusay where both rivers Dzhety-Oguz the right Aylanysh merge (the Turkoman.
"Whirlpool") and left - Baytor ("Rich natural boundary"). On a glade there are yurtas and tents of shepherds. Here the herd of mares with foals is grazed, and from here to the resort daily carry koumiss. It is possible to observe as milk mares.
Unlike a cow the mare does not allow to milk if not to deceive, admit it to it for a while a foal. Then one milkmaid takes away it from nipples and holds by a neck near mother so that that could see it, at that time the second milks dry a mare, a foal nearby.
In 20 kilometers from the resort the bridge (couple of logs through the river Aylanysh), and in 23 kilometers - the last fir-trees (height here 2800 meters above sea level) in 1,5 - 2 kilometers from a glacier Aylanysh.
Further until the end of a glacier (2800 meters above sea level) on slopes of the valley only bushes of archa (juniper) grow. Here the convenient place for the camp. In the south in 4 - 5 kilometers the magnificent rocky ice wall Dzhety-Oguz, top, the second for height, in Mountains Teskey Ala-Too 5168 meters high above sea level, routes on a wall of top of IV, B of category of complexity towers).
By first climbing on a wall Dzhety-Oguz it was made in 1958 four climbers under the leadership of V. N. Naryshkin on a northwest glacier Dzhety-Oguz and to a northwest crest (to the water separate ridge between the river Aylanysh and the gorge Baytor).
From the camp it is possible to make several one-day walks on a glacier Aylanysh, panoramic top in the right rights Range (about 4000 meters above sea level) and in the gorge Baytor. It is glacier Aylanysh more convenient to climb a shaft of the right side moraine well visible published, from wood border, the pedestrian track climbs a crest of a moraine.
The glacier gradually turns on the East, on the course on the left. From a moraine far in the north in Dzhety-Oguz gleam of the gorge the lake Issyk-Kul and the mountain Kungey Ala-Too is visible. In 1,5 - 2 hours of rise from border of the wood it is better to pass to the right at first grassy slope, and then on a slope, bypassing an icefall at the left.
At the height of 3300 - 3600 meters above sea level on a glacier slope excellent Alpine meadows with a set of large and bright colors, to the plants which were found on Dzhety-Oguz gorge increase crimson primroses (primroses), pink and lilac Alpine asters and golden flowers bushes and the Alpine poppy here.
On the way the bulk of a steep Dzhety-Oguzsky wall comes nearer closer and closer, it is dazzling shining in the sun pure ice and snow. Ice blocks fall from several trailing glaciers which are on a wall Dzhety-Oguz Aylanysh down on a glacier.
As the good panoramic place serves the top about 4000 meters high above sea level in Bokovoy Range departing from the ridge and dividing the ridges Ontor and Aylanysh. Rise to it from an edge of the wood lasts 4 - 4,5 hours, and descent to the camp about 3 hours.
In the beginning rise goes on a moraine, then on a grassy slope and taluses. In 3,5 hours of a way - the exit to a water separate crest, ahead rocky top of 4000 meters above sea level closes a view of the region of the Karakol peak.
It is necessary to cross and then the steep ice slope (here it is necessary to cut steps) and to come on rocks to top. From it the panorama on Dzhety-Oguz a wall, in the West in Baytor upper courses a sharp crest of Mountains Terskey Ala-Too three rocky and snow tops, extreme western of them Aylam, below in the east - the valley without the wood Archalytor, behind it behind a crest a glacier Ontor and Karakol peak opens.
In 7 kilometers below the end of language of a glacier Aylanysh falls into the river inflow Baytor, above this place the river carries the name Baytor. The gorge of the Biter, about 7 km in length, in the lower part is called At-Dzhaylyau, here usually there are tents or yurts of shepherds.
The top part of the gorge Baytor is closed by two pure white glaciers divided by an effective granite pyramid. In 1 kilometer to the south of this top Aylam pass conducting in the gorge of the river Aylama, inflow Chong-Kyzylsu is located.
The pass Archator (I, B of category of complexity) connects the gorge Dzhety-Oguz and Chong-Kyzylsu. In 1 kilometer Aylanysh and Baytor merges at a glade of Belalyusay are lower at the left inflow of Asan-Tukum falls into the river Dzhety-Oguz.
We go down Dzhety-Oguz, it is necessary to cross the termination of the water separate ridge near the mouth of Asanas Tucuma. The gorge of Asanas Tucuma closes a small glacier. It is necessary to climb this glacier closer to its left edge, then on abrupt (to 45 °) a large stone talus. Rise on the pass takes 4 - 5 hours.
From a saddle behind the gorge Chong-Kyzylsu is visible to the Terskey Ala-Too. Descent from the pass Archator to the gorge, of the same name without the wood, on abrupt (to 40 °) taluses, and then on steep grassy slopes. In 1 - 1,5 hour of descent from the pass the gorge is narrowed, the river flows in a canyon.
On slopes of the gorge grows only a juniper (Arch). In 3/4 hours of the course the river Archator flows on the right into the river Karabatkak. On the right forest coast of Karabatkak the track in 3/4 hours brings to the building of the physiographic station located on a big glade in the valley Chong-Kyzylsu.
Descent from the pass to Chong-Kyzylsu continues 2,5 - 3 hours, and all transition from the gorge Dzhety-Oguz - 7 - 8 hours. In 5 kilometers above the resort of Dzhety-Oguz there is one more pass - Kokbel (about 2750 meters above sea level) conducting to the wide valley Syuttubulak (the Turkoman.
"Dairy source"), where the collective-farm dairy farm is located.

Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.Sights the gorge of Dzhety-Oguz.

B. I. Rukavishnikov. "Lake Issyk Kul and Ridge Terskey Alatau". Moscow, "Physical culture and sport", 1970.

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.