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Square Rudakhi.

Tourist places of interest of Dushanbe.

The area of name Rudakhi is located in northern part of city Dushanbe on an axis of prospectus Rudakhi in area of the Tadjik agrarian university.  The main dominant of the area is sculpture Abuaabdullo Rudakhi, the founder of the Tadjik-Persian poetry, built in 1964.
Authors of a sculptural composition are the Azerbaijan sculptors F.Abdurahmanov and architect M.A.Useynov. Before a sculpture the pool with a fountain, personifying an eternal life of the favourite poet in hearts of Tadjik people is arranged. Behind a sculpture of the poet aside university the main avenue with flower beds is arranged.
Two wide paths on both parties of avenue limit a sculpture and leave to the prospectus of a name of the poet. For a sculpture of the poet, northern end of the area, the symmetric monumental building with the wide three-tier case of the Tadjik agrarian university (up to 1993 of Agricultural institute) is built.
Statement of sculpture Abuaabdullo Rudakhi and Agrarian university on a natural eminence allows spectators from here from the area to survey all panorama of the prospectus of name Abuaabdullo Rudakhi.
In turn, the sculpture on a background of university is well visible from distant points of the prospectus. The area of name Abuaabdullo Rudakhi has been designed before celebrating 1000 anniversary Abuaabdullo Rudakhi.
In the end of 1990th years the part of a composition of the area has been broken. Behind a sculpture there was the high iron fencing which has separated territory of the Tadjik agrarian university from a sculpture and the area.
In 2007 during discussion of jury of the international competition on development of the sketch of a monumental monument of A.Rudaki in city to a garden of Dushanbe (which it is now renamed into park of name Rudakhi some times brought a attention to the question on carry of a sculpture of A.Rudaki.
However, in general opinion of judges, it has been decided to not touch a historical monument and to save it on the one-nominal area. Here reconstruction of the area has been made.

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