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Park of name Aini.

 The Main tourist places of interest of Dushanbe.

The recreation park of name Sadriddin Aini is in northern part of city Dushanbe, in the end of the central highway of city - the prospectus of name Rudakhi. The area of all park makes - 6 hectares.
In area of park such local places of interest, as the Aqueduct and the Water basin near water-pump station are located. The project of park has been executed by creative collective of architects of institute "Tadjikgidrostroi" in 1958.
On the raised place in the center of park above tomb Sadriddin Aini under the arches of grapevines has taken a place the mausoleum from a white marble, to it the picturesque terrace conducts.
The mausoleum is established in honour of the ancestor of the Tadjik literature. At a monument fresh flowers always lay. In territory of park various trees are landed, vineyards, bushes and flowers are numerous small architectural forms, a fountain, benches and беседки.
In 80th years reconstruction of park during which updating objects of its infrastructure has been executed has been spent. The park is favourite vacation spot of the townspeople and visitors of city.
He differs from other parks of city a unique cosiness which is created with the long-term trees covering from years heat by the crone.

The Tourist guidebook on monuments of Dushanbe. 2012.