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Monument of Seyfullin in Nur-Sultan.

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“Worship of heroes is most developed where respect for human freedom is least developed”

Herbert Spencer.

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The monument to the founder of Kazakh literature Saken Seyfullin is a sitting figure of the poet. A handsome intelligent man in a classic-cut suit is sitting on a chair, his coat is thrown over the back ... His contemporaries remembered him that way before he was ground with millstones of the NKVD punitive machine.
Authors of the sculpture: sculptor - A.Kh. Bayarlin, architect - O. Demirkhanov. Calmness, ease of movement and inner rhythm - such is the image of the writer, expressed in the monumen
The entire artistic structure of the monument - composition, plastic, material, the general style of interpretation of the image - are subordinate to this task. The portrait features of the poet and psychological truthfulness are preserved, the image of sublime beauty and vitality is recreated.
Material: bronze and granite. The monument was unveiled on October 14, 1994 to the 100th anniversary of the great Kazakh poet. The monument to the writer and poet is made of bronze and granite. Located on S. Seifullin Street, 67 in the courtyard of the museum of the same name.
A monument was made in the art workshops of the Karaganda Art Fund. The monument to S. Seyfullin is one of the most significant works of monumental sculpture erected by outstanding historical figures and figures of the national culture of Kazakhstan.
Saken (Sadvakas) Seyfullin; October 15, 1894, Akmola district, Akmola region, Russian Empire - February - the founder of modern Kazakh literature, poet and writer, statesman, prominent member of the Bolshevik Communist Party (VKP b).
Founder of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan. One of the first is the Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars (head of government) of the Kyrgyz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of the RSFSR. The city of Akmolinsk occupied a special place in the fate of the writer S. Seifullnnya, where he was born, studied, and lived.
There are many historical places in Astana associated with the name of the poet. Saken Seyfullin became the first Kazakh writer to be awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. The high government award and personalized gold watches stored in the museum are historical values ​​and at the same time antiques.
The museum has become one of the historical and spiritual centers of Astana. It hosts mass events and excursions, thematic traveling exhibitions, lectures are given. Next to the museum is a monument to Saken Seyfullin.
What a rich legacy this wonderful man was left to leave. But this was not destined to materialize. The poet and writer fell victim to the repressions of 1937. His life ended in the prime of his life. Rehabilitated posthumously after the death of Stalin.


Photos by
Alexander Petrov.