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Monument of Bogenbai Batyr in Nur-Sultan.

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“Your being is a moment of a higher, different life,
Thy intoxication - from an unearthly vine,
Immerse yourself in the collar of thought!
Your hand is a continuation of another hand.”

Omar Khayyam.

Camping in the Borovoye park.

In Astana, on July 6, 2007, a monument was opened to the legendary Kazakh warrior Bogenbai Batyr. The monument is made of bronze and granite. The monument is located at the intersection of BogenbaY-batyr and Sary-Arka avenues.
The sculpture was created by the metropolitan sculptor Tokhtar Ermekov. The height of the monument is more than 11 meters. The batyr's right hand is raised up as if it were stopping an enemy army. The sculptor in his work tried to convey the strength of mind to the commander and his swiftness.
But another meaning was also embedded in this gesture: BogenbaY symbolizes the policy of good neighborliness of modern Kazakhstan. A raised hand is a gesture of openness and willingness to negotiate. With his left hand, thrown up, the batyr holds a sword.
The height of the monument is 11.3 meters, the height of the equestrian sculpture is 6.3 meters. Bogenbai Batyr entered the history of Kazakhstan as a commander who led the Kazakh troops for half a century. On his account more than 100 battles.