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Monument Abuali ibn Sino.

Historical monuments of Dushanbe.

On the area of name Abuali ibn Sino the monument to the scientis, the philosopher, the doctor, the musician of East Avisenna (Abuali ibn Sino) is established. The monument is established in 1980 by 1000-years anniversary Avisenna.
Authors of an architectural monument - the Azerbaijan sculptor Lobster Gasan ogly Eldarov both the Tadjik architects R.Karimov and A.Agaronov. A monument It is established at an input in National library of Tajikistan.
Abuali ibn Sino - an outstanding Persian doctor, scientific, the philosopher and the poet, was born in settlement Afshana, near Bukhara. Veins in Central Asia and Iran, studied in Bukhara the mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and medicine, borrowed posts of the doctor and a viewfinder at various governors.
The major scientific composition Ibn Sino «The Canon of medicine» - the medical encyclopedia in 5 parts, has received world popularity and was repeatedly translated on many European languages.

 The Tourist guidebook on monuments of Dushanbe. 2012.